May 30

Yup, I guess it has been a long while. Eight months. Wow time flies when you are just having so much fun with life. I actually could not freaking remember my password to log on lol. Kate if you need it for anything just let me know and I will email my new one to you! If I remember it.

A lot has been going on in the past eight months. So much I am not even sure I can remember it all! I will try, just not all in one post. Maybe as I get back into blogging again it will come back in bits and pieces?

Life is just that right now. Life. I am working now, finally as Angus says lol. It a job. And thats just about how I feel about it too. Yes it sucks but, hey its a little more money coming in than when I wasn’t working. It’s in retail. Retail is something I didn’t ever think I would really do lol. I have pretty much always had a job were I was working with the public, which I do like. Even the hard to please ones lol. But retail end of it, never thought I would do it. Yup I am a “ Cashier” in retail.  Woo Hoo!

So I will see how it goes. After I am there for a while there is possibility to move up. How long I have to be there, I don’t know. I do know that I am going to keep looking for something else while I am there though.

Our lives have been a little crazy with everyone getting used to me working and not being at their beck and call every second. Angus mostly. Ya, big surprise? I thought he would wait until I had been working for a few months before he started complaining that he didn’t have a weeks worth of shirts ironed for him to choose from. Or that the black socks he wanted to wear are not in his draw but, he guesses that this pare will do. Or that he hates not having the car so he can run to get coffee whenever he wants. And these were all in the first week that I started! There are more but, they are a little personal lol. So use the imagination.

The kids have been pretty ok with it, so far. I am sure once school is out in two weeks (two freaking weeks, shit) it will be a different story. Zoe is going to be doing a lot of babysitting her brother. Which is not going to go over well. I am going to have to talk with the coordinator that does the scheduling to see if there is any way I can have a set schedule for the summer. If not, then, well, its going to suck for the kids. I thought that at least Zoe would have Sundays during the summer that she wouldn’t have to worry about watching Aidan but, Angus just found out that they decided that they are going to stay open on Sundays for the summer. And I have to work at least one day a weekend.

This week the coordinator (which I guess she does a lot lol) messed up and gave me today and tomorrow off. Fridays are the only day that I told them I am not available (as its Angus’s only day off during the week) so I have three whole days in a row off! Today I have a date with Aidan. We are going to the movies! His class is at a week long science field trip that he didn’t want to attend. I let him stay home as he and the other 20 or so kids that didn’t go are playing cards, watching movies or reading in class all week while the other kids are gone.

I have to say I was disappointed that he didn’t want to go. I remember my trip in the sixth grade and had a blast. But hey, I can’t complain because it saved us a few hundred dollars! Its much cheaper to take him to the movies. And how many things can you do these days with a child that you can say that?

Well, thats all for today folks. Time to get ready for my date with the most handsome boy in my life!


bumblebee  Posted on 05/30/07 at 08:05 AM