Aug 21

Holy crap! I can’t believe the kids go back to school in one week. I think this was the quickest summer in history! We haven’t done much. Well, the Aidan and I anyway. Sophia and Zoe of course went to Cali and TN for a few weeks while Aidan and I just stayed home and did pretty much nothing. Nothing. Angus and my brother are planning on taking the boys deep sea fishing this weekend. They are so excited, meaning Angus and the brother that is. Well, so are the little boys.

Angus had his scary surgery about a month ago. It went very well. It didn’t even take as long as the doctor thought it would! He was even able to come home the next day. So we think there should only be one more surgery to go, possibly two. He is do to go in for his one month check up anytime now. We will talk about it with the doctor then.

It is going to be pretty crazy around here in the next couple of weeks. All the back to school stuff to get, and I am job hunting again. Not sure if I mentioned that they didn’t re-new my position for this year or not last time I posted. Yay, fun. My heart is just not into it. We will be moving soon. Not sure exactly when yet but, it won’t be here in the area we are now. We have a lot to think about.

We have been talking about going back to CA. Which is of course what we really want. But damn, we don’t have the money we used to. So to be looking for a job is just confusing right now. To look further north were we might end up, or between here and there? Or to hold off until we know if we are going to stay on the east coast or go back to the west coast? I hate this limbo shit. I feel like I have been living in limbo for the past 19 months. No, I know I have. I haven’t allowed my self to settle here. I don’t want to settle here. Damn I am stubborn!

Well off to do the school stuff for Zoe today. We wants and needs, like everything! As she puts it. Besides school supplies I have everything done for Aidan. I took advantage of the few days he spent in ME with my brother last week. I will just need to get him a few things when the weather gets a little cooler. Which of course will be in a few weeks I’m sure.

Positive things:

Angus made it through surgery ok
Sophia had a blast in CA
Zoe also had a blast, in TN


bumblebee  Posted on 08/21/06 at 08:28 AM