This That and Nothing Really

Feb 23

Wow, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted last. And I was doing so well! Been dealing with sick children, vacation week, a sick Angus, and now a sick me. And still not sleeping. I have been up since about 2AM. Had a couple of good nights sleep and thought it was done and over with, guess not. I have given up and now just going to go with it. Sigh. Not much else going on around here. Kind of been a boring couple of weeks. Thankfully.

About the most exciting thing was helping Kate rip out the carpeting in her stairwell. And I didn’t even break a nail! Went a lot smoother than I thought it would. Now if the stairs where in better shape the next phase would be a lot easier. It needs a good amount of prep work before it can be painted. We can handle it! I think we have gotten our selves into worse projects lol.

Angus has been working a lot lately. He is back to working six days a week. I wondered how long it would take, some habits die hard lol. The business is doing great, and he will be going out of the country in a few weeks. Let the traveling begin! It has been a long time since he has had to travel for work. The only time we have been away from each other in about six years has been hospital stays for one of the other of us. I have to admit I am a little an anxious about him going. Thankfully we have a good phone plan. Though the time differences are going to be tough. I think it is like a nine or ten hours difference. Maybe that will work out for the better. He might not be able to talk to the kids much tho. Dang gotta go. Time to go cough up a lung.


bumblebee  Posted on 02/23/09 at 03:39 AM