Jun 20

Well wow, it’s been awhile, again. So much has been going on I am not even sure where to start! I think I will start with current news. Today was the last day of school. We are off until the end of August. School ended on a very sad note I am afraid to say. A very dear woman and coworker past away very suddenly yesterday morning. School next year just will not be the same without her. She was also the mother of a classmate of Zoe’s. Eighth grade Promotion was last night. The classmate was there, it’s what L would have wanted. I just kept thinking the whole night.... I can’t believe she is gone and not here to see this. Promotion is all we have been talking about for the past couple of weeks. Trying to keep each other informed of every little bit of info that we could give each other. What kind of dresses the girls want to wear, what kind we will let them. She was such a wonderful teacher with the kids. They adored her. And the kind of children she worked with were not the easiest of children. So Thursday we will all be there together to say good-bye. This is all just so unreal.


bumblebee  Posted on 06/20/06 at 02:30 PM