Sep 05

Oh, for pet’s sake. Aidans is home sick. Zoe started it last week with a sore throat and a cold, Sophia then got it and lost her voice. Now Aidan has all of the above and clogged ears. Today is only the fourth day back to school, with a four day holiday in between. I hope this is not a sign of how the winter season is going to go around here.

I was looking forward to getting out and visiting with Kate today. But instead I am doing laundry and baking bread. Aidan wanted to help so I let him make his own, that only he can eat. We really don’t need to make this flu go round and round. No we don’t.

Tomorrow we go to MGH for Angus’s checkup and find out about his other surgery(s). So far everything has been fine. He has even quit smoking again. I think is has been almost a month? I however, have not. Working on the cutting down though. I am just not ready to give it up yet. I most enjoy a fag with my glass of wine thankyouverymuch. And with the current situation that is my life right now, I will not give up my wine! I would kill someone. People that will be left unnamed.

Zoe is off to high school now. She was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I was able to go with her on the first day. Which did help her fears a bit. It was just and hour orientation for the freshman. So I introduced her to everyone in the faculty that was around. They were all very nice and full of condolences about my job not being renewed. It was nice to see them and kind of say good-bye, as of course I will be at the school for this or that to do with Zoe at times.

Aidan seemed to like his new school. It was harder for me! This was the first time in his life I have ever just dropped him off and not gone in with him, ever. When we pulled up he got a look at all the kids and kind of sucked in his breath a bit and said, “Wow, there are a lot of kids”. So I asked if he would like me to park and maybe just stick around a bit, asked him if he knew where he was suppose to go. His answer? “No, that’s ok, I will just find some friends and figure it out”. I was devastated. He did tell me he loved me before he hopped out though. He even took the bus home, for the first time since kindergarten. Dear gawd, my baby is a big boy now. How the heck did that happen? Next thing I know he will be all into girls. I can’t even handle Zoe wanting to do group things with mixed company yet! Sigh.


bumblebee  Posted on 09/05/06 at 12:30 PM