May 31
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aidan and I had a great time on our date yesterday. We left late morning and stopped and picked up some candy and then went to lunch and a movie! We went to see the new Pirates movie. It was a great time. The movie was almost three hours long but it just flew by! If you are a fan of the past two movies you will love this one. I am not to sure about the ending tho! Everyone in our house has a different spin on the ending lol. If you see it, you HAVE to stay until all the credits are done and watch the last minute of the movie to actually see the end! Zoe didn’t because she went on opening night, so we had to tell her about it.

Today is going to be humdrum compared to yesterday. Grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Oh, and can’t forget ironing Angus’s shirts! It’s so dang gloomy out today. What happened to our nice weather? Doesn’t make me want to get out and go thats for sure.

Well I guess I will try and put one update of what has been going on in the past eight months in each post if I can. First one that comes to mind? (Well second really, the first one is just mind boggling to write about right now) Angus went into congestive heart failure on Valentines day. It was just a small episode but, scary and surprising. There were no signs leading up to it, and there usually are. We didn’t find out why it came on until just a couple of weeks ago! The company he works for changed insurance companies and they have been sending him a wrong prescription! It was the right name of the med so we didn’t catch it. It was one that has an additive in it, like DL, DS, that kind of thing. Which was written on the prescription. So that was fun.

Needless to say we have made several trips to the Big City for lots more test, just to have a nurse that works for the health insurance company during a “How satisfied with our company” survey catch the mess up. Ya. She asked him to read off all his meds and the ML on each pill that he takes to do an update on their list. And when he left those two little letters off she asked if he made a mistake, that it should be, such and such DL. Nope. So doctors are called and they have on recored when they called the prescription in it was the one with the DL or DS on it. Of course the insurance company is denying that it was their mess up.

Angus is doing well, and we don’t see any future problems now that he is on the right meds again. So hope fully the only trips into the hospital will be for regular checkups a couple times a year.

Time to start all the fun stuff to do on my list today. Yay!


bumblebee  Posted on 05/31/07 at 08:55 AM