Old Friends

Feb 11

Yes, up early again. Slept till a little before 3AM today. I really wish this would stop. Angus is up also, watching TV in the other room. I really wanted to be able to sleep to a decent hour today. I have company coming today. A very old friend I haven’t seen in ages. We were pretty close through middle, high school and into our twenties. Didn’t see much of each other once we were both married with children as she moved to another state. We have kept in touch through chatting on aim or emails over the years but lost touch over the past several or so years with just a few emails here and there. It will be nice to see her again and catch up. I guess the last time I saw her physically had to have been 13 or so years ago because she did meet Aidan when he was just a baby.

It must be a week for seeing old friends. Angus and I took his boss out for dinner Saturday night and I bumped into my very long time friends mom! We are talking since I was 5 or so lol. I haven’t seen her since I lived in California and it was a few years before I moved out here since I saw her last. It was so funny to bump into her out here! She looks great. I don’t think she has aged since we have been in our twenties!

Ugh, I might have to try and sneak a nap in after Aidan leaves for school so I won’t have black circles under my eyes when Trish gets here. Tho, she won’t care. She is one of the few old friends I am comfortable with these days. Ya, that is another post in it’s self. Do I have some kind of phobia? No, I think its just pride, vanity/insecurity, and not wanting too many attachments here lol. But I am getting better. I hesitated when she first wanted to get together, and then I thought, it’s Trish for petes sake! If she and I hadn’t been real friends growing up we would never have survived our crowd of friends, or literally survived out late teen years alive for that matter! 


bumblebee  Posted on 02/11/09 at 03:16 AM