My Retina'a hurt

Feb 27

I thought I was going to have fun looking for a new computer. NOT. I have only been at it for a couple of hours and I don’t think I can do it any more! Of course I have found quite a few that I would love to have. However I do think there is a price limit on what Angus will let me spend. Sigh. I haven’t asked the limit as of yet tho. Wanted to get an idea of what I want/need and the approximate prices before I ask just in case he low balls me. Then we can start the negotiating lol. This could be a little easier if a certain someone, KATE, would call me so we could put our heads together on this. She is way better at this stuff than I am. If I wasn’t trapped here with strict orders not to do anything but recoup from being sick then I would probably be at the BB store right now.

I have been pretty sick this past week, I sound like a donkey. Doing much better today than yesterday. I couldn’t even move the day before that. I didn’t even make dinner the past couple of nights, they had to have left overs and heat them up themselves. OMG. So as a result, and family vote I do believe, I am not to do anything but read, watch TV, or sit a the computer. I think that’s why Angus told me to look for a computer. He figures it will take me most of the day and I won’t wear myself out vacuuming and doing other household crap. Fine by me! Not that far behind anyway.

Kate, Kate, come out wherever you are!


bumblebee  Posted on 02/27/09 at 01:22 PM