My Retina'a hurt

Feb 27

I thought I was going to have fun looking for a new computer. NOT. I have only been at it for a couple of hours and I don’t think I can do it any more! Of course I have found quite a few that I would love to have. However I do think there is a price limit on what Angus will let me spend. Sigh. I haven’t asked the limit as of yet tho. Wanted to get an idea of what I want/need and the approximate prices before I ask just in case he low balls me. Then we can start the negotiating lol. This could be a little easier if a certain someone, KATE, would call me so we could put our heads together on this. She is way better at this stuff than I am. If I wasn’t trapped here with strict orders not to do anything but recoup from being sick then I would probably be at the BB store right now.

I have been pretty sick this past week, I sound like a donkey. Doing much better today than yesterday. I couldn’t even move the day before that. I didn’t even make dinner the past couple of nights, they had to have left overs and heat them up themselves. OMG. So as a result, and family vote I do believe, I am not to do anything but read, watch TV, or sit a the computer. I think that’s why Angus told me to look for a computer. He figures it will take me most of the day and I won’t wear myself out vacuuming and doing other household crap. Fine by me! Not that far behind anyway.

Kate, Kate, come out wherever you are!


bumblebee  Posted on 02/27/09 at 01:22 PM

This That and Nothing Really

Feb 23

Wow, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted last. And I was doing so well! Been dealing with sick children, vacation week, a sick Angus, and now a sick me. And still not sleeping. I have been up since about 2AM. Had a couple of good nights sleep and thought it was done and over with, guess not. I have given up and now just going to go with it. Sigh. Not much else going on around here. Kind of been a boring couple of weeks. Thankfully.

About the most exciting thing was helping Kate rip out the carpeting in her stairwell. And I didn’t even break a nail! Went a lot smoother than I thought it would. Now if the stairs where in better shape the next phase would be a lot easier. It needs a good amount of prep work before it can be painted. We can handle it! I think we have gotten our selves into worse projects lol.

Angus has been working a lot lately. He is back to working six days a week. I wondered how long it would take, some habits die hard lol. The business is doing great, and he will be going out of the country in a few weeks. Let the traveling begin! It has been a long time since he has had to travel for work. The only time we have been away from each other in about six years has been hospital stays for one of the other of us. I have to admit I am a little an anxious about him going. Thankfully we have a good phone plan. Though the time differences are going to be tough. I think it is like a nine or ten hours difference. Maybe that will work out for the better. He might not be able to talk to the kids much tho. Dang gotta go. Time to go cough up a lung.


bumblebee  Posted on 02/23/09 at 03:39 AM

Great Time

Feb 12
light cloud

My old friend came over yesterday around 12:30 with the most yummy fruit arrangement, she said she just couldn’t show up all these years with out something lol. We decided to go grab a bite to eat before it was time to get the kids. What a great time we had. It was so nice to catch up on everything! I think we will do it again very soon. She came with me to do all my picking up and dropping off and then came back to my house and stayed for dinner to meet Angus. Thankfully he knows all the stories of our childhood lol. It was a great evening hanging out with her. She lives a good hour and a half away so we had to say goodbye around 8PM. Had to either stay and watch Lost with me and get home very late, or rush home to watch it there! Which reminds me, I have two episodes to watch now. Must catch up. I was so freaking tired after she left from lack of sleep that I just couldn’t make it. I did no better last night either. Angus forgot to shut his cell phone off and his boss called at 11PM to leave him a message for the morning and woke everyone up. So I not only had about 4 1/2 hours of sleep, they were broken hours. Sigh. Going to take a nap if I can once the kids are home and see if maybe just maybe I can stay up late tonight. I need to break this cycle. And soon.


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Old Friends

Feb 11

Yes, up early again. Slept till a little before 3AM today. I really wish this would stop. Angus is up also, watching TV in the other room. I really wanted to be able to sleep to a decent hour today. I have company coming today. A very old friend I haven’t seen in ages. We were pretty close through middle, high school and into our twenties. Didn’t see much of each other once we were both married with children as she moved to another state. We have kept in touch through chatting on aim or emails over the years but lost touch over the past several or so years with just a few emails here and there. It will be nice to see her again and catch up. I guess the last time I saw her physically had to have been 13 or so years ago because she did meet Aidan when he was just a baby.

It must be a week for seeing old friends. Angus and I took his boss out for dinner Saturday night and I bumped into my very long time friends mom! We are talking since I was 5 or so lol. I haven’t seen her since I lived in California and it was a few years before I moved out here since I saw her last. It was so funny to bump into her out here! She looks great. I don’t think she has aged since we have been in our twenties!

Ugh, I might have to try and sneak a nap in after Aidan leaves for school so I won’t have black circles under my eyes when Trish gets here. Tho, she won’t care. She is one of the few old friends I am comfortable with these days. Ya, that is another post in it’s self. Do I have some kind of phobia? No, I think its just pride, vanity/insecurity, and not wanting too many attachments here lol. But I am getting better. I hesitated when she first wanted to get together, and then I thought, it’s Trish for petes sake! If she and I hadn’t been real friends growing up we would never have survived our crowd of friends, or literally survived out late teen years alive for that matter! 


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Can't Sleep

Feb 07

Ugh! I have not slept past 3AM in about two weeks now. It is getting very annoying let me tell you. I have been awake since 2AM today. Yesterday it was about the same time. I have tried everything. Over the counter sleeping pills just give me about four hours of sleep and then I am wide awake with a groggy feeling all day. Sigh. So I usually give up around 3AM and just get up. Doesn’t help when you have company in your bad sleeping habits. Angus doesn’t sleep either. Whom just gave up for the second time for the night. He was up 1-3, and fell asleep for maybe an hour after I gave up and just got up. He was nice enough to make me a pot of coffee before he came up at three.

It is Saturday so at least I don’t have to run around and get children ready and to school. He however has to go into work for most of the day. The company he started at (more on that at a later date) several months ago is just booming. He has made a lot of changes to it and it is paying off. They can’t keep up with all the calls and need to hire at least four more people this week, above the five already there. (he just asked me what I was doing lol. Good thing he is blog stupid! He has no interest in personal blogs, thankfully) He hasn’t asked me yet, which I am sure will come eventually, maybe.

Now back to the sleep thing. I know when you are stressed it can affect your sleep, and I know this better than most. I have been on a tight rope for the past five freaking years. But, but, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and a very, very bright one might I add. So why can’t I sleep? I have bags under bags on my eyes. I tried staying up until nine before I climbed into bed to read for a bit. I made it until about 10PM. Which is not that early really. Not when you have been up since 3AM! So four hours is my average now. Can’t. Do. This. Much. Longer. Thankfully I don’t have to function out in the real world, other than the grocery store.


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Hello, again

Feb 06
light cloud

Ya, it has been a very long time! I have been wanting to get back to blogging again for a while now. Things just keep getting in the way. Just when I decided to try jumping back into it, my computer died. I am currently using my daughters laptop. I will just have to be very careful about deleting for a while. Hopefully we will be able to get a new one in a few months. So lots of research, shopping around etc. in the next couple of months. I also need to decide if I want a laptop or desktop. I guess it all depends on if the old one is fixable or not. I am planning on dropping it off in the next few weeks to see if it is reparable for less than it would cost for a new one. If it won’t cost too much then I will get it fixed for Aidan, and I can get a laptop for me, me, me!

So lots of new changes since I last blogged. We have finally moved. No not back to California but, at least to a much larger house. We love the house, its pretty big. About nine rooms in all. The third floor is finished with two rooms and a very large storage room, one large closet and a couple of small ones. I have no storage problems in the house lol. The girls share, but they like to anyway. Aidan has an actual bedroom with a door and closet, no more sleeping in a dining room/bedroom and sharing my closet! Oh, my closet is probably the best thing in this house! It is a room in it’s self! I could make it a small reading room if I wanted. But I have other plans for it. Going to have to go to some garage sales in the summer see if I can find an old vanity table or something I can make into one. I just haven’t seen any new ones that are what I envision.

As I said in my last post, Angus and I are doing just fine. His health is pretty good. No real worries. Mine, mine is getting better. I have had lots of surgery, one more to go eventually. Get more into it if I can keep this blog thing going. The kids are all great, I am one blessed mama. Sophia has moved back in with us. Plenty of room here, and the girls have the third floor to hide away in lol. It is set up as a family room with a TV and stereo. There is even a computer up there, It is just old and I need to mess around with it a bit. But it’s still well enough for the internet to do home work and chatting and whatnot. I should really just lug it down here to use. I know if I do that I will be that much longer before I get around to getting a new one. I don’t think it can handle all our games tho. And I miss my Sims dang it!

So all in all, things are getting better. It has been a long, long four years. I still hold out hope that we can move home again. But, at least I don’t break down in tears driving down the street when I realize that I am not in cali any more! If this snow doesn’t stop soon, I just might be though!!!

Be back soon, I hope! 

bumblebee  Posted on 02/06/09 at 09:13 AM


Jan 15

Um ya, been a very, very long time. Some sheet different, some the same. Long enough for me to forget my password to log in. I think I had to try about a half dozen before it let me log in. Just went back and read some of the old post since I have been here in NE. Yes again.

Like I said. Some things are the same, some have changed. Not enough change for my liking though. Angus and I are well. Our relationship has pretty much gone back to an even keel you could say. His health is about as good as it gets for him. Which is not that bad considering! Mine, not so good. Don’t really want to get into it in detail right now. Just testing the waters. Dipping the toes to see if I can get back to blogging. I have some time coming up on my hands.

Sophia is here visiting (she spent the night and it just now having coffee lol) so I don’t want to spent to much time here. I don’t think she had moved out last time I posted?? Yup. Big girl now. I am very proud of her. What a wonderful woman she growing into! Well try and post more soon.


bumblebee  Posted on 01/15/08 at 11:01 AM

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