Sep 14
light rain

Um ya, gloomy is fitting right now. Angus had a job interview yesterday. Pretty much had the job before the interview. It was with a company he does a lot of business with at his current job. He has a very go rapport with the customers that own the company and they are looking for a sales manager and wanted him to come in and interview for it. They know his business history and really thought he would fit the bill. Ok, so this job means traveling a bit again. We can handle that. Angus’s doctor approves. He only needs a couple of minor things done now. The job pays very close to a six figure number. We can definitely handle that again. It means little ole me can become little Susie/Martha home maker again and angus doesn’t have to worry about anything but working again. Which I informed him will NOT happen again. I would just be at my leisure to work FT or PT if I choose. Not at his beck and call 24-7 again. Dear gawd he would drive me insane! It would also mean staying here on the east coast for probably several more years at least. OK, the money wins. I did always tell him that, Baby you keep earning the kind of money he is used to earning and we could live almost anyplace (except like Alaska or Oklahoma) and I wouldn’t complain, much. This all said before he got sick of course and his income was cut in half lol.

The problem you ask? Because isn’t this just what we have been waiting for, like for three years anyway? The problem is, you must have a valid drivers license to TRAVEL. This job requires TRAVEL. Angus doesn’t have one right now, thanks to the wonderful state of Minnesota. They still won’t release his license. They are saying he never paid his fines. It has been over 10 years, but they hold the right to keep it as long as they want. They are not one of the states that have a stature of limitation. They want $800 and for him to go to Drunk school, again, at a MN approved place. MA doesn’t have one that meets their standards is what one of the people he talked to said. Can you believe that?

When we went to the hearing in MA about this hole thing they told us, poof that he paid the fine through a canceled check would do the trick. Sounds simple hey? He had three bank accounts in two different states at the time. Neither he or his ex recall which one it was payed from. The banks want a good sum a hour to research for the check. It would probably end up costing more than 800. A lawyer(s) have said that having his CA license renewed several times should be the proof. Nope, that wasn’t good enough for MN or MA.

So back to square one. We look into a lawyer again. Doesn’t help with the current job offer because this will take time. They need a manager ASAP. They told him to contact them when he does get this cleared up and they still want to keep doing business with him. Justfunkinggreat. I just don’t know how much more of this crap I can take. It just seems that one we get one obstacle taken care of that another one takes it’s place.

Oh I am not sure I mentioned this before or not. We found out this year through the IRS that E’s ex wife had been claiming the girls on her taxes the years that Angus was suppose to. Now she could have mentioned this when they went to court and had his alimony changed over to complete child support. But nooooo, it slipped her mind. And doesn’t one have to earn a income to file a tax return? She was claiming 0 income on her child support order even though she was taking home $900 a week and Angus was on unemployment because he went into congestive heart failure. Oh and that when we were at court she tried to have a go at my income! Thats a long story. But I nipped it in the bud real fast. I actually embarrassed the crap out of the court advocate when I very firmly told her I was a single mother of three getting half what she was asking and getting for two, and one soon to be 19. And unless she dropped it real fast she was going to be hearing from my advocate in the county we were living in in a matter of hours lol. Ya the subject was dropped. Well anyway. The tax thing has been cleared up now. The IRS agreed that the ex didn’t have to pay back any money but, Angus did. We are talking thousands here. Um ya, like we can afford for any more of his income to be attached. His tax return for this year pretty much covers it though. So that is two down, surgery being number one.

Yes the cash return would have suited our savings account nicely but, at least paying the IRS back is not coming out of what we have, and future income. We have no idea how much money this license thing is going to cost or how long it will take. Thankfully his current job is ok with it, at the mom. It meant he has had to pass up several promotions though.  One of the options, but only a temporary solution, is for him to fly back to CA and renew his license there. He has a weeks vacation and it would be nice for him to see the girls. He hasn’t seen them since we moved here. I am very much pouting silently about this option. I don’t think I will be a very happy camper if he goes back there for a week vacation without me. But we just can’t afford for both of us to go. I also have a secret fear that he won’t come back.


bumblebee  Posted on 09/14/06 at 08:08 AM