Great Time

Feb 12
light cloud

My old friend came over yesterday around 12:30 with the most yummy fruit arrangement, she said she just couldn’t show up all these years with out something lol. We decided to go grab a bite to eat before it was time to get the kids. What a great time we had. It was so nice to catch up on everything! I think we will do it again very soon. She came with me to do all my picking up and dropping off and then came back to my house and stayed for dinner to meet Angus. Thankfully he knows all the stories of our childhood lol. It was a great evening hanging out with her. She lives a good hour and a half away so we had to say goodbye around 8PM. Had to either stay and watch Lost with me and get home very late, or rush home to watch it there! Which reminds me, I have two episodes to watch now. Must catch up. I was so freaking tired after she left from lack of sleep that I just couldn’t make it. I did no better last night either. Angus forgot to shut his cell phone off and his boss called at 11PM to leave him a message for the morning and woke everyone up. So I not only had about 4 1/2 hours of sleep, they were broken hours. Sigh. Going to take a nap if I can once the kids are home and see if maybe just maybe I can stay up late tonight. I need to break this cycle. And soon.


bumblebee  Posted on 02/12/09 at 10:13 AM