Can't Sleep

Feb 07

Ugh! I have not slept past 3AM in about two weeks now. It is getting very annoying let me tell you. I have been awake since 2AM today. Yesterday it was about the same time. I have tried everything. Over the counter sleeping pills just give me about four hours of sleep and then I am wide awake with a groggy feeling all day. Sigh. So I usually give up around 3AM and just get up. Doesn’t help when you have company in your bad sleeping habits. Angus doesn’t sleep either. Whom just gave up for the second time for the night. He was up 1-3, and fell asleep for maybe an hour after I gave up and just got up. He was nice enough to make me a pot of coffee before he came up at three.

It is Saturday so at least I don’t have to run around and get children ready and to school. He however has to go into work for most of the day. The company he started at (more on that at a later date) several months ago is just booming. He has made a lot of changes to it and it is paying off. They can’t keep up with all the calls and need to hire at least four more people this week, above the five already there. (he just asked me what I was doing lol. Good thing he is blog stupid! He has no interest in personal blogs, thankfully) He hasn’t asked me yet, which I am sure will come eventually, maybe.

Now back to the sleep thing. I know when you are stressed it can affect your sleep, and I know this better than most. I have been on a tight rope for the past five freaking years. But, but, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and a very, very bright one might I add. So why can’t I sleep? I have bags under bags on my eyes. I tried staying up until nine before I climbed into bed to read for a bit. I made it until about 10PM. Which is not that early really. Not when you have been up since 3AM! So four hours is my average now. Can’t. Do. This. Much. Longer. Thankfully I don’t have to function out in the real world, other than the grocery store.


bumblebee  Posted on 02/07/09 at 04:31 AM