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You mean the earth isn't flat?!

Friday, 2:39 pm

Let’s hear it for another special moment in women’s television. The question was....Is the earth round or flat? This question was posed on the Emmy award winning show called The View, that erudite symposium of eloquence and cat fights.

Now, excluding the possibility that Sherri Shepherd’s concept of the world consists entirely of Kansas (which mathematically proved to be flatter than a pancake), did she have the momentary image of earth twirling in space like a sheet of paper? To implant an unforgettable image, perhaps she needs to see this beautiful movie of the earth’s rotation, taken from the Galileo spacecraft somewhere around 1990.

The following day there was follow-up discussion during which Sherri was given the chance to defend or explain herself. She said she had a ‘senior brain poopy moment’ and she was nervous and flustered and her brain froze. I dunno. Is the question really that hard? Her view of the world is evidently two dimensional, in more ways than one.

Is this what it takes to sell ads on TV anymore?!

(via Americablog and The Daily Background)

Posted by Kate on 09/2107 at 02:39 PM

Maybe she’d just finished reading Terry Pratchett?  From Wikipedia:

Discworld is “a flat world balanced on the backs of four elephants which are in turn standing on the back of a giant turtle...”

Posted by Linkmeister on 09/21  at  03:09 PM

That would be more Hindu in flavor...but you never know. ;)

Posted by Kate on 09/21  at  03:21 PM