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Wednesday, 11:26 am

Maybe there is a God and maybe he isn’t a Republican after all. One slimebucket removed, who’s next?

Posted by Kate on 09/2805 at 11:26 AM

A cautionary note: an indictment (and even a temporary step-aside) does not a conviction make.  However, as Charles Kuffner at Off the Kuff (a Houston blog) says, from now on all the stories about the Abramoff scandal will say “Delay is under indictment” rather than “Delay has not been charged.” That’s gratifying.

Posted by Linkmeister on 09/28  at  01:28 PM

Down, but not out. He’ll still be able to cast his vote against impeachment . . . or whatever.

Posted by Pablo on 09/28  at  02:16 PM

Very gratifying. And damaging. This is going to leave a nasty mark.

The Abramoff thing is also getting uglier by the day with organized crime and gangland killing all mixed in. Then there’s Frist who is having his growing set of problems. Maybe we’ll get a Rove+ indictment soon, too.

I want to see them all looking haggard and drawn, just before they’re carted off to prison.

Posted by Kate on 09/28  at  02:33 PM

Prison I doubt, unfortunately.  Remember that Bush 1 pardoned Cap Weinberger for any and all possible crimes committed during Iran-Contra.  The option is there, and since we’ve all been told that what this Administration’s all about is loyalty…

Posted by Linkmeister on 09/28  at  06:27 PM

I wonder though. As Atrios mentioned on his blog, David Brooks said in an NPR interview that Bush never really got along with DeLay. When you think about that, it makes sense. DeLay is almost as powerful as Bush. Bush isn’t about sharing power. Since Brooks is well connected within the neocon circles, I’d be inclined to buy what he’s saying. Sounds like maybe they’re going to hang DeLay out to dry.

Posted by Kate on 09/28  at  08:23 PM