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Saturday, 7:59 pm

I ran across this photograph in the comments section of The Washington Note last evening. The photograph appears in the online version of Germany’s Der Spiegel, which is about as mainstream as a publication can get. The photograph is of President Bush (and other leaders) during the recent NATO Summit in Bucharest. The accompanying article goes to some length to explain that our dear leader was rather badly behaved and made kind of a shambles of the summit owing to his belligerent ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. And then they said NO to him. Oh dear. The photo caption is roughly translated: Like a defiant child with his head against the wall. Guessing, by the photograph, that being poorly behaved tends to have an isolating effect. It’s a pitiful picture.

On a brighter note...I discovered the link to this stunning 360° photograph of Paris by night in comments on Atrios’s blog last evening. If you’re on dial-up, it’s worth the wait. Really gorgeous.

Posted by Kate on 04/1208 at 07:59 PM

M. Frich bravely decided not to include the Eiffel Tower in his photo.  wink

The only time I’ve ever been in Paris it rained most of the week.  That did allow me to go sit in a cafe and drink Kronenberg beer one evening while watching people and cars go by on wet city streets, which was pretty romantic.

You read German, do you?

Posted by Linkmeister on 04/12  at  08:17 PM

Wait...isn’t that the Eiffel tower off to the right side of the Cathedral? At least you’ve been to Paris once. I may never get there the way the world is going.

I read German on about a second grade level.  I use a German-English dictionary for the really big words. ;) It was not a complimentary article. Comparing the president to a difficult defiant child might be called a little insulting. Not that he apparently didn’t deserve it. Sounds like he blew in there like hell on wheels and got slapped down but good. Must have been a fun time. At least he didn’t steal the silver.

Posted by Kate on 04/12  at  09:13 PM

Oh, silly me.  I neglected to scroll right.  Of course the tower is there, along with Notre Dame de Paris (the huge cathedral with the flying buttresses).

I was there as part of a four-week European trip when I was 33.  I was treating myself to help recover from an unrequited love.  Spent two weeks on an American Express bus through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and a week each in Paris and London.  I was with my parents, although we didn’t exactly hang out together in the evenings.

Posted by Linkmeister on 04/13  at  01:31 AM