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Wood delivery

Wednesday, 6:07 am

My wood guy called this morning. I will be the happy owner of two cords of two year old oak and maple wood by late this afternoon. He’s not exactly charging cheap prices this year, but less than last year, so I’m not going to quibble. It’ll still end up costing a lot less than heating with gas—assuming we’ll still have gas by December. He provides me with excellent wood and he’ll drop a little more than 2 cords in the driveway. Which means, I’ll be very busy stacking wood for the next three days.

The lad has an away track meet this afternoon, so he won’t be around to help. Bet his heart will drop to his toes when he sees the monstrous pile in the driveway when he gets home tonight. On the other hand, he’s been dinging at me to get wood for the past three weeks, so maybe he’ll just be relieved. He’s a good worker, so any help he can give me in the next couple of days will make the job go that much faster. I’ll be very happy when it’s all stacked and tarped. Then I can stand back and heave a huge sigh of relief. Having a big wood pile gives me a real sense of winter security.

Posted by Kate on 09/2805 at 06:07 AM

I am so not looking forward to a full winter here. It is so cold downstairs were we are, and so hot upstairs were my mother is during the winter. The same in the summer months too, so we are always cold year round down stairs.

Posted by justme on 09/28  at  09:15 AM

They say wood warms you twice. Once when you burn it, and once when you stack it. (or cut it)

Posted by pablo on 09/28  at  10:58 AM

I think easy warmth is going to be a thing of the past until we figure out some way to make relatively inexpensive energy without fossil fuels.

My wood guy showed up a few hours early, so I’m all set with two cords sitting in the driveway. It’s warm out so I think I’ll be plenty warm by the time I’ve hauled wood around for a while.

He told me that wood is getting harder to come by. He’s not making any promises for next winter. I’m not sure how serious he is—he’s told me that for the past two years. I’ll have to start thinking about wood again as soon as the snow melts rather than late in the summer. Which is just about the time when I’m convinced I never want to see another log as long as I live.

Posted by Kate on 09/28  at  12:18 PM