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Wednesday, 3:40 pm

I like widgets, both in real life and in virtual. It came to my attention, a couple of days ago, that Yahoo! has a FREE widget engine (for Windows and Macs) that places any number of their thousands of available widgets on your desktop. They’re kept all neat and tidy in a widget bar that docks to the top, right, bottom, or left side of your screen. You can also select the auto-hide feature to keep it out of sight until you need something on it. You have the option of leaving your widgets open and placed wherever you want them on the desktop or conveniently hidden, available to you when you click the icon in the widget bar.

Naturally, I had to try it. For some time now, I’ve been using Object Desktop which also includes a bazillion widgets with all kinds of customization features. I still use many components of the program, but , I learned, the widgets eat memory like nobody’s business. Still, I used it because I couldn’t find a better alternative.

Wellll. Having played with Yahoo’s widgets for the past couple of days, I am in love. I think they’re even better than Object Desktop’s widgets. Yahoo! widgets use a small amount of memory and I think the quality of the widgets is just sublime.

Currently placed on my widget bar are: a calendar, a task and event list (tied into my Yahoo calendar), a memory gauge meter (since I do have to keep an eye on it), a sitemeter widget that even talks to me if I choose, a wicked cool analog clock (a German train station clock whose second hand even pauses at the 12 while the minute hand moves up a minute, just like the real deal), a time tracker that tells me how long I’ve been on the computer (it can also be used to track jobs and fees, with the ability to save files for each job), a sweet little volume control that I can put wherever I want it or tuck it out of sight, a radio widget with about 73 stations on it, a k-Mozart (105.1 fm) radio widget (expressly for the classical music station out of Los Angeles. Their playlists are just superb), a compact and pretty countdown timer widget (extremely handy for someone who has an elastic sense of time), a weather widget, a gorgeous moon widget that shows the moon phase in real time (just because it’s pretty and fun), a Yahoo! notepad widget on which I can take notes on the fly and tuck them into folders right on the widget (also tied into my Yahoo account), an rss newsreader widget that works like a charm with the added bonus of being available with one click and I can put it away with another.

Oh, and the neatest little widget tied into I found the widget before I had a clue what Chore Buster was all about. That led me to sign up for Chore Buster. For the less than organized person, it’s a blast. Takes some time to input all your daily chores, but once they’re entered, Chore Buster sets up a daily/weekly schedule (which can include all the members of your family so every one knows what they’re supposed to do and when)...which makes it much likelier that stuff will actually get done on a regular rotation. It’s kind of a Flylady concept captured in software. I haven’t completely input all my various chores yet, but, for example, this is a screen capture of my Chore Buster widget (along with all the other related widget real estate on my screen) for today:

larger drop down image

So far, I’ve experienced no widget glitches or conflicts with anything else. It’s pretty slick, easy to set up, and very kind to my computer’s memory. I am impressed.

Posted by Kate on 09/1907 at 03:40 PM

Does Chorebuster have a virtual whip?  That’s what it would take to get me to do things on a set schedule. wink

Posted by Linkmeister on 09/19  at  04:31 PM

Well, as you know, I’ve lovingly maintained the habit of viewing the floor as the most accessible shelf in the house...why not use it!

Unfortunately, that leads to problems down the line. So...I’ve learned that spending just a measly 5 minutes a day picking stuff up and putting it away keeps things running in a more orderly fashion. Trouble is...I have a mind like a sieve and I forget. A gentle reminder is all it takes.

As for the rest, I hope that a coherent and easily managed schedule will become habit over time. I can manage a couple or three things every day. Chore Buster breaks it down for me without having to put a lot of brainpower into it. They do all that for me. It seems as if it might work. My windows are washed and the laundry is done. smile

Posted by Kate on 09/19  at  04:44 PM

I DL the dang thing a while ago (a friend of another blog loves them lol) but I couldn’t get it to open up? So I am assuming my computer is not compatible. Dang this computer.

Posted by justme on 09/20  at  05:54 AM

Oh, I’m sorry J. Maybe it’s a simple little thing that can be fixed. What operating system are you using?

Posted by Kate on 09/20  at  12:22 PM