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Why do we care?

Friday, 4:06 pm

I have turned the television nightly news on for the last couple of weeks. I have watched the network news and the New England Cable News Network. Also the local Fox station. What I have found to be a nightly staple is weather, sports, and Tiger Woods.

Now, I want to know. Why is it that we care about Tiger Woods? Why is he important to the world and our survival? Is is necessary for us to know why he had numerous affairs and exactly how many and with whom? Do I care what kind of car was seen leaving his driveway carrying an unidentified passenger to the hospital last week? Why do we need to know the most intimate details of his married life?

He’s a sports figure. I’m sorry for his misfortunes, although he brought them on himself, but, really, why does this man require 4 minutes of national news coverage every broadcast? And that’s not counting what may be happening on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News or Nancy Grace.

If we were to be entirely judged by our news broadcasts, we would be judged incredibly stupid, shallow people.

Posted by Kate on 12/1109 at 04:06 PM

"we would be judged incredibly stupid, shallow people."

Regrettably, it seems many of us are.  As proof one has only to look at the circulation numbers of the tabloid rags and the ratings numbers of EW, The Insider, and the rest of the TV Hollywood gossip shows.

Posted by Linkmeister on 12/12  at  08:26 PM

Yes, that’s the unfortunate part - we’re bombarded with this stuff because there are enough of “us” who will tune in each time a celebrity does this.

Posted by Harry on 12/12  at  08:30 PM

Well, yeah, but the tabloid rags and Hollywood gossip shows are supposed to gossip about celebrities. That’s their stock in trade. But the local news? I can’t believe that between Boston and the suburbs to the north and south the news departments can’t come up with more meaningful (and interesting) stories for Massachusetts residents than the latest Tiger gossip. There is still a difference between gossip and news, even though it’s increasingly difficult to tell what it is.

Posted by Kate on 12/12  at  11:17 PM

Linkmeister, Harry, I was going to say the same thing last night but, I was afraid she would smack me when she sees me lol. We are a shallow people for the most part us Americans. We seem to feed off other peoples down falls and misgivings. Especial when they are as famous and as high held as someone as Tiger Woods.

Posted by justme on 12/13  at  06:55 AM

LOL! I would never smack you, J. You’d smack me back. ;)

I’m not arguing against the fact that we’re shallow. Good Lord, the news focus & coverage on CNN and the mere existence of FOX News is proof that we are.

And then there’s America’s Sweetheart, Sarah Palin....

Posted by Kate on 12/13  at  07:07 PM

Dear lord, if Sarah Palin is truly an American sweetheart, I want to hand in my card and run for the nearest border. No wait not the nearest, Candida is too cold for me. And I get sick every time I have been to Mexico no matter how careful I am lol.

um my capcha word is Hades. Do you think that means something? Dang!

Posted by justme on 12/14  at  05:26 AM

Oh and I am so sick of it! Sports figures and all their baggage have become more important in this society than “real issues” and frankly I am so tired of them!  I refuse to watch any professional football anymore.

Posted by annie on 12/14  at  08:11 PM

Nothing to do with this subject but I just have to say............
Oh I think I am just going to pee my pants in waiting!!!

and you do know you have to read it some time before then lol so I can reread it and the second one before the movie comes out!!!!

Posted by justme on 12/15  at  09:04 AM

My sentiments exactly.  I really don’t give a damn what he did, does, or with whom.  His business and his wife’s, not mine.  But I bet he is ever so grateful for this approaching blizzard/winter storm cause it did what no one else could do, knocked him off the front page and off the so-called legitimate news stations.

Posted by cyn on 12/19  at  06:46 PM

This afternoon or early evening sometime, I turned to what I thought would be the news to check the latest on the storm. Instead of weather news there was a special on about Tiger Woods complete with sappy music and stunning Tiger teeth shots. They’re still talking about him. And he’ll end up smelling better than a rose by the time the media are done.

Waiting for the blizzard to arrive. The wind is already blowing a major gale.

Posted by Kate on 12/19  at  10:40 PM

Merry Christmas!!  Oh and by the way, Tiger is on his yacht heading somewhere.........I wish I had a yacht I could hop on about now.  ;) And on an entirely different note from the beginning of this thread........what was the beginning anyway??  There seems to be a new and wonderful trend going on all of a sudden.  I have been wished MERRY CHRISTMAS a ton in the last week or so, at the supermarket, in stores, and from various and assorted others who in past years have stuck to the Happy Holiday mode.  I am delighted!!

And, did you wish for this WHITE CHRISTMAS Ms. Kate?  Enough!! ;)

Posted by cyn on 12/22  at  10:37 AM

Cyn, I am right there with you on the yacht, take me away!! Far! We have been off topic for awhile now it seems but, it’s her own dang fault. Too long between post I say!
I think the Lad is home. She didn’t even call me back this morning, the nerve! I missed Christmas shopping with her this year :( today was my last day. I am done, done, done.
I too have noticed more people working in public places wishing A Merry Christmas instead of just have a Nice Holiday this year.
If we don’t all get to post on here before then I want to wish every one a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday Season (don’t want to offend lol) and Happy New Year!

Posted by justme on 12/22  at  07:36 PM

No, I did not wish for this White Christmas. I’d have been perfectly happy with a green one. I was un-thrilled to see my snow shovel again so soon.

I’m glad that Tiger has a yacht. That’s probably the only thing that I didn’t know about him. If his wife pushed him overboard, I wouldn’t blame her one iota.

I haven’t heard many Merry Christmas wishes from the store people around here so far. I don’t really have a preference either way.

J, I didn’t hear you call and my phone doesn’t show your call coming in. Did you call someone else’s number? I hope you left a really good message. smile

No, the lad is not home. I do not know when he will be home. I do not know if he will be home, although I’m assuming he will be at some point. You-know-who is up to his usual antics.

Posted by Kate on 12/22  at  10:02 PM

my bad, I tweeted you. didn’t want to wake you! I thought you got them on your phone, you did the last time lol.
The lad is out of school tho, right? I swear leave me alone in a room with the person who’s name we will not say, and he would not come out of it the same man. Give me five freaking minutes.
I will give you a call a little later today. Have to go pick up some movies, and my mother is suppose to come for lunch.
She had a small stint in the hospital for a couple days, found out she has really high blood pressure. One her age should not party and smoke like they are in their forties still ha ha. Bet that just about killed her to know lol.
She can’t go back to work until next Thursday. So guess who has the honors of entertaining her boredom? Christmas day is going to be my only peaceful day until then I believe. She is going to my sisters for dinner, wooooooootttttttttt!

Posted by justme on 12/23  at  06:54 AM

Just wanted to pop in and say Happy New Year to you and yours and to all your faithful followers.  J, you are right, she goes way too long between posts.  Gosh Kate, you forget some of us (me) have no life so rely on your blog to keep us going!!  Speaking of blogs, I have another I read faithfully-- You might be entertained--I certainly am.

OK, got to go bring in mydollars I left under the mat before midnight last night.  Did not get in until after 2 and just remembered they are out there!!  Supposed to bring fame and fortune.............just kidding, good luck and prosperity I think.  Sure did not do either of those last year but hope springs eternal.

Happy New Year!
HA-my word is................MEH!  Love it.

Posted by cyn on 01/01  at  03:41 PM