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When silly isn't silly

Sunday, 10:51 pm

This has been a summer of watching (or trying to ignore) the vapid idiots on the idiot box. I swear to heaven that journalism is in dire straits. God almighty, I used to think Lou Dobbs was kinda hot. Now I think he’s a total jerk. That’s some kind of downfall. And it’s all because he thinks it’s wicked cool to encourage the folks who are convinced President Obama is an alien or something (birthers).

After having perused the web on a number of occasions and read the opinions of Americans who believe that one must have two American natural born citizen parents to be an American citizen oneself, I’m ready to believe that we are totally doomed. What the hell do they teach in US schools these days? Anything about the United States Constitution??? Has anyone under the age of it???

I’m sorry to say that moving to Europe looks better and better. And that totally irritates me. This is my home and I want to be here, but it feels foreign lately.

Just saying.

I can’t believe that the yammerers on the idiot box represent the majority of us. Where are the infamous silent majority? Who’s speaking for us? I’m pretty much middle of the road and I’m feeling as if I’ve been pushed to the fringe. I’m not fringe anything. I’m pretty mainstream and I resent like hell being shoved to the curb.

The media are nuts. They don’t speak for me. And I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling alienated. What is in the water that makes the media turn lunatic fringe? I’ve talked with friends who think the nightly news is something directly out of 1984. It’s scaring them and stressing them out to the max. Me, too.

This is silly season in the US. Except, it’s not funny. It’s terrifying.

What will it take to recapture normalcy? I shudder to contemplate that, actually.

Get a clue, media. We’re not laughing. Or smiling.

We’re puking.

Posted by Kate on 08/0909 at 10:51 PM

Oh I missed that one. Alien? Well I would love for someone to tell Angus he is not an “American” because his mother was from Germany and his father from Scotland. I dare them. Tho, I don’t think they would be breathing for long after, ha!

I am up at this awful hour because we have a bat in our bedroom ceiling at the moment! Second one this week. sigh. I so freaking hate bats. First one was flying around the house. This one is just flopping around in between the ceiling panels. Why did my bedroom have to be the only one with a freaking drop ceiling?
I am suppose to be driving to Boston for my Doctors appointment this morning. I don’t see that happening! Two freaking hours sleep?(Been up since 1 AM) Hopefully we can get someone here today to deal with this.
Call you sometime today so we can figure out what day we can retry to go to that shop. I have to go up to Maine and pick up the boy on Tuesday. He stayed up there (thankfully) for a couple of days. SIL is doing wonderful now! Woo Hoo!

Posted by justme on 08/10  at  02:34 AM

Ok, can’t get on my blog. Says it can’t find the server? ugh.

Posted by justme on 08/10  at  03:21 AM

did ya maybe change the url? but just not all of them? I can get to it, but the publish link is not working? Been busy there woman?

Posted by justme on 08/10  at  03:44 AM

I live in Canada and even I know the requirements for becoming President of the US! I find it disturbing that so many Americans are in the dark on this one. If nothing else, why aren’t they looking this stuff up on the internet before they open their yaps? It’s not like this information has been kept secret—it’s probably on Wikipedia.

Posted by Jen on 08/10  at  07:28 AM

I think you’re asking one of those unanswerable questions, Jen. Some people are comfortable in their ignorance. It’s their happy place. I suspect that if Barry, as they like to call him, was a pasty old Republican white guy, no one would be having the birther discussion. If I recall correctly, Sen. McCain was born in the Philippines and that was a-ok. I suppose extenuating circumstances helped...born white on a US military base and he’s a Republican, to name three.

Posted by Kate on 08/10  at  10:32 AM

J, you’re asking me hard questions. I don’t remember what I did to your blog. Let me check.

Posted by Kate on 08/10  at  10:33 AM

up until this morning it was working just fine. I was on it yesterday morning lol.

Posted by justme on 08/10  at  10:48 AM

Sunshiney blue puffy clouds this post is not!

I read earlier this week that the purpose of television is to make you consume more television.  I guess that means that the ones watching the dreck are not going to be the ones protesting in the streets?

Moving to Europe just gives you a valid excuse for feeling like an alien.

Rachel Maddow is a bit of an antidote.  You can download it.

Posted by steph on 08/11  at  02:44 AM

People are such idiots!  People came here from other countries for religious and other freedoms, most of us have either parents or grandparents that were not born in this country.  DUH!

Posted by annie on 08/11  at  12:12 PM

No, this isn’t a sunshiney blue puffy cloud post. I’m even further put off by Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” which Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich have taken up with great zeal. Jeez. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any dumber, it does. Just how dumb does it have to get before the masses stop and say, “Hey, wait a minute. That sounds pretty darned stupid.” Dunno. It is bound to get worse and worse and worse until something cathartic and terrible happens. There’s my dose of good cheer for the day.

Annie, I think many immigrants even came for the streets lined with that proverbial gold and that’s perfectly fine, too. Being a naturalized citizen is fine with these folks, it’s just that some can’t seem to reconcile themselves to the idea that Obama is really a natural born citizen of the US and are grasping at any possible reason why he shouldn’t be, even inventing a few. As I said, this is prime silly season without the humor.

Re television. I have thoughts on that. What a surprise. Read some interesting things lately and I’ll have to share sometime soon, since the new season is about to begin.

Posted by Kate on 08/11  at  03:17 PM

oh man, you hit the nail on the head...again and as usual.  I just had this conversation with a total stranger ths morning.  I had, as had this woman, received one of those ‘the sky is falling cause Obama is president’ emails complete with documentation we are all going to hell for one reason or other and of course saying this (whatever it was, I forget) was checked at Snopes and is true (which is almost always a sign it was not checked nor is true).  Anyway this lady took the time to set the record straight AND documented it and sent a response to all.........which had to be over 100 people.  I thanked her........and warned her that now she will get hate mail from half of them as I do everytime I dare to correct info.  But then she and I engaged ina little back and forth saying basically what you did only not as eloquently.............

Posted by Cyn on 08/11  at  08:46 PM