Cider Press Hill

Warm welcome, not.

Thursday, 12:13 pm

A quote from this week’s New Yorker magazine: “The Republicans are here.  We--we New Yorkers--hope they enjoy the amenities of our city.  We hope they are treated politely by all of our fellow canyon dwellers, including those among us who are alarmed by the performance of the incumbent Administration during the past three and a half years--alarmed by its mania for shovelling cash to the very rich at the expense of families of middling means, its servility to polluters and fossil-fuel extractors, its reckless embrace of fiscal insolvency, its hostility to science, its political alliances with fanatic religious fundamentalisms of every stripe except Islamic (and of that stripe, too, when the subject is family planning or capital punishment) its partisan exploitation of our city’s suffering after the attacks of September 11, 2001, its transubstantiation of the worldwide solidarity that followed those attacks into world anti-Americanism, and its diversion of American blood, treasure, and expertise away form the pursuit of All Qaeda to a bloody occupation of Iraq that appears to have done nothing to weaken Islamist terrorism and may have done more than a little to strengthen it.”

Posted by KateC on 09/0204 at 12:13 PM