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WaMu, Woo Hoo

Monday, 11:14 pm

Catching up on the financial news tonight. Disasters seem to be thicker than fleas on a dog. I never actually wanted to experience a Depression....

Tonight my mortgage is with WaMu. I wonder where it’ll be tomorrow. Maybe JP Morgan Chase? Or Wells Fargo?(eh, maybe not...sigh) Or...? Whoever it is, I hope it’s a nice stable bank with a long future and one that doesn’t lose my loan or otherwise screw up the transition. Nervous....

What a mess. Tomorrow is a new day with new fleas. Can’t wait to see who or what circles the drain and takes the plunge.

By the way, today John McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. He picked one heck of a day to deliver that gem. I’m totally inspired by his confidence.

Posted by Kate on 09/1508 at 11:14 PM

Down here in Dallas, it seems there is a bank branch on every corner in the city - if not BofA, then Chase, Wells Fargo or WaMu.  For the life of me, I cannot see how these banks can justify all this property.  Maybe they know something we don’t? 

Something tells me they don’t.

Posted by Alan W on 09/16  at  10:16 AM

When the good times were rolling, those branches were probably very busy and profitable. They would probably love to divest of some property right about now, but oops...the market they all helped to create sort of puts a crimp in that thought.

Posted by Kate on 09/16  at  12:24 PM