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Tuesday thoughts

Tuesday, 12:50 pm

It is 62.7° here today and the sun is shining. This isn’t exactly a January thaw—it’s not going to last long enough. A proper January thaw lasts for at least a week. Then again, with the forecast suggesting mid-40s temps for the better part of the month, I suppose that qualifies as an extended January thaw. Today is the dessert before the main course. I’ll happily take it and enjoy it. There is no fire in the stove today. That means I’m saving wood. No complaints there, that’s for sure. And the snow has been melting rapidly, although not rapidly enough to actually see my deck floor yet. I keep hoping.

It’s a good day to be out and about. As I am only 3 miles from the New Hampshire border, I’ll guess the people over there probably feel the same way. Reports have been coming in that voter turnout is huge in New Hampshire today. Could be the weather—spring temps certainly don’t hurt. But, just perhaps, it’s because people are fed up with business as usual in Washington and are making their voices heard. Guess we won’t know for a few hours.


I have not returned my car to the doctor yet. My hands start to tremble every time I think about it. I have to do it before the end of the day, but I Don’t Want To. That engine light stays resolutely lit. Stupid thing.


This is just an observation and my feeble little lone voice of protest—lately I’ve noticed an increasing number of ads on websites displaying young women with seriously large boobage and I’m getting tired of it. I suppose the ad makers and product hawkers still think the web is populated mostly by men. They also seem to believe that political websites are especially populated by men. And maybe that’s true, though probably much less true than it used to be. This must be the assumption, otherwise perhaps I’d be seeing more ads with half naked men.

On the other hand, perhaps not. Women don’t seem to respond to pics of half-naked men the same way that men do to opposite gender pics. And men, in general, seem to get a little twitchy when they are assaulted with pics of half-naked men and tend to howl loudly about it. It does not seem to follow that women get equally twitchy with pics of half-naked babes, but, it does get old really fast.

Not that I’m blaming Josh, but when I went over to Talking Points Memo a little while ago, one of the rotating ads on his site was of a rather tawdry photo of a young woman literally spilling out of her scanty top. It was so prominently placed on the page that everything else receded into the background and I think my first words were, “Oh my God.” This is a really annoying web trend...and rather insulting, actually, for the female denizens of the web. Not that I expect that it will change any time soon. Half-naked women do sell products. If they didn’t, the ads wouldn’t be out there. I am getting really fed up with it, though, not that it matters in the least.

Posted by Kate on 01/0808 at 12:50 PM