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There should be a law...

Thursday, 4:18 am

...against Christmas music 24/7 beginning the day after Thanksgiving. My two favorite light rock radio stations have gone around the bend with this and I’m hearing the same songs over and over and over and over. I love Christmas music. But not for a solid month. By the time Christmas arrives, I’m going to be so sick of Christmas that I’m afraid I’ll be ready to take the tree down before I even get it up. Of course, I could just exclusively listen to NPR for the next month, but I WANT my tunes. Sigh…

I’m so totally sick of the Jackson Five. Don’t want to hear Jose Feliciano again. Ever. Garth Brooks just shouldn’t do Christmas carols. And I HATE the one about Grandma getting run over by a reindeer. That instantly puts me in Scrooge mode and it seems to be a perennial favorite, played a dozen times a day. Bleh.

(The sun isn’t up yet, either, fwiw.)

Posted by Kate on 12/0408 at 04:18 AM

I’ve often thought that I should get on a plane the day after Thanksgiving and go somewhere that doesn’t know the crasser traditions of Xmas, only to come back the day after New Year.

Posted by Pablo on 12/04  at  06:35 AM

Sign me up and take me with you.

Between the Christmas songs it’s all about buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. If you don’t, you’re going to ruin Christmas. More plastic. More diamonds. More crap.

I need to turn the radio off.

Posted by Kate on 12/04  at  06:48 AM

LOL, well we are in a chipper mood this morning! I am good for Grandma got run over by a reindeer a couple of times and that’s it. I envision my ex MIL actually getting run over, and it helps lol.
It seems that no matter what, every year we are broke at x-mas time. This year I am determined not to let is get to me. Our tree went up on my birthday(usually I wait until the first or second weekend, but before the 12th as it has to go up before gc2’s b-day)and E, BC and I listened to carols all day. It was a great day.
I think partly it is that there is no Santa in this house anymore. The last one is old enough now, thankfully.
Hey, I just thought of something to help solve your problem with the music! I will email you my xm radio log in and you can listen on your puter whatever you want.
And when you hear little drummer boy, just think of me and you will get through it lol.

Posted by justme on 12/04  at  07:52 AM

I’m not a morning person.  LOL

However, I’ve vacuumed, dragged wood in, and started a fire.

Now I gotta go grocery shopping.

Thank you, I’ll give that xm radio a try. I do not want to hear Christmas music until the lad gets home. That’ll be plenty time enough. ;)

Posted by Kate on 12/04  at  08:33 AM

I found a radio station the other day cause I was in the same pickle as you.  Love Christmas carols but not until Christmas Eve Day - used to put them on when we trimmed the tree and then all while I baked.  Not any more though, it is overkill.  I swear 103.3 started on November 1.  But there are two stations I like that so far have refrained (some).  One is the River (not sure of the call letters, but it is local to our/your area and the other is...I can’t remember, but have it programmed in the car.  Will check tomorrow.  Both play a decent mix.

And if I hear “I’ll be home for Christmas” again in ‘08, I will jump off the roof.  I HATE that song, it always, always brings me to tears.  I have no clue why, obviously something from my misspent youth, but something about it just turns me inside out.......... ;(

Posted by cyn on 12/04  at  09:05 PM

There’s only one song I could listen to twelve months out of the year—The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. Unfortunately, I’ve only heard it twice so far. But that Felice Navidad one is played just about every hour. Can’t stand it any more.

I’ve switched over to the River. It’s not my favorite, but at least it’s an escape from Felice Navidad! I like to listen to 94.9 (WHOM) in the evenings. John Tesch. He’s fun and interesting, but he’ll have to be an occasional listen for a few weeks.

Posted by Kate on 12/05  at  07:44 AM

If you don’t like “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” then you really won’t like the saddest, most pathetic Christmas song ever!

Posted by Alan W on 12/05  at  12:59 PM

Oh. My. God. That’s hideous. On so many levels, I can’t count them. Thank you for sharing, Alan. I feel SO much better now.  smirk

Posted by Kate on 12/05  at  01:31 PM

Oh, thanks for sharing! *shivers*

Posted by justme on 12/06  at  07:13 AM