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The pressure is on

Friday, 7:41 am

Just got word they published my blog entry and changed it to say “why I am SPEAKING” here Enough is Enough.  No pressure or anything.  I need lots of help from my friends.  And you are my friends!! ;) I am sure it is supposed to be short and sweet, but still.  God help us all...........

Posted by Cyn on 08/2611 at 07:41 AM

Will go check it out!  Do you only allow comments on certain posts? Or has it just been a while since I have stopped by.  I think Kate posted most ly when I would lurk on a regular basis.

Posted by annie on 09/22  at  05:18 PM

Hi Annie, nice to hear from you.  Kate very graciously offered me the opportunity to guest blog here and I have been very remiss.  I spend too much time, as does some of her other followers, on Facebook!!  Nope, you can comment on anything posted on here as long as it has not been archived.....or at least I am sure you can.  Kate ‘tweets’ now and has neglected her blog a lot!!  Kate, am sending guilt your way.  I wish you would start again, there is so much going on in our world that stinks, we need your thoughts and comments!!

Anyway, Annie. I just got an email last night from the rally organizers confirming that I agreed to speak.  This might be interesting.  Supposedly there are 300 regular people--not corporations!!--who are going to have something to say.  My biggest problem will be making it short and sweet!!

Posted by Cyn on 09/22  at  06:20 PM

I’m beginning to think nothing short of a French Revolution, American Style. Fed up to my eyeballs. No one in Washington speaks up for human rights or human dignity or human decency anymore. They don’t speak for me. It’s all about money, in one way or another. It IS class warfare. And the bottom 90% 99% are not winning. We are getting screwed six ways to Sunday. Go Wall Street Protesters! Burn the damn street to cinders.

Not that I have a strong opinion or anything. smile

Posted by Kate on 09/29  at  07:39 PM

Speaking of Facebook, I’m dismayed to hear they have been censoring OccupyWallStreet. What’s up with that, anyway? Facebook has become the mouthpiece of the elite? The establishment? Does this begin to feel like the 60s? I hope so. We need a social revolution every 30-40 years or so to keep things real.

Do you think that between the OccupyWallStreet protests and the Enough is Enough rally in DC the powers that be will pay attention? I’m not convinced. What will it take? How long will it take? How many of us will it take? And what kind of action will it take?

Posted by Kate on 10/05  at  11:39 PM