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The lad comes through and some pics

Monday, 8:27 pm

My Christmas shopping is finished! I knew if I waited patiently enough, the lad would come through with a Christmas list. He called today and hinted around that maybe he’d like a couple of things if I wasn’t finished shopping yet. I love the way he does that. So casually, sort of working it into conversation as if maybe I won’t notice. But definitely hoping that I do, of course. I jumped on it and now I am completely finished. What a nice feeling. And even better, a couple of the items have already been shipped. It took about two hours between ordering and shipment. Amazing!

Here are a couple of photos I took of the lad while he was home at Thanksgiving. I really like these. They are so true to how he looks. In the first he was deeply involved in relating school stories. Very intent on his story there. The second one catches that little bit of playfulness in his eyes. It was the only posed picture that morning.

larger drop down image

larger drop down image

This is my dining room table. It is covered with flowery things and branches and berries that will, hopefully, turn into arrangements that can be hung on the wall. Out of chaos shall come...something pretty. We hope. I’ll let you know.

larger drop down image

I hope the pictures look okay. I wanted to load them on my desktop computer and do the Photoshop treatment, but my desktop has apparently died of a broken heart. I ignored it for two weeks and that was too much for it. I turned it on today and nothing happened. Well, except for a very bad noise and a blinking light and serious fan blowing. I have no idea what’s going on, but I think I must have killed it with neglect. Just dandy. Anyway, these pics were re-sized and prepared with one of Vista’s native picture manipulating programs on my laptop. Not very much manipulating available, I must say. So, it they’re a bit blurry or washed out, that’s why.

Posted by Kate on 12/1007 at 08:27 PM

He’s not working hard enough on scruffiness.  Why, when I was his age...wink

Posted by Linkmeister on 12/11  at  01:26 AM

yup, thats him in true form lol!

Posted by justme on 12/11  at  05:47 AM

Oh believe me, he can do scruffy, Linkmeister. But he’d just spent a couple of days with Grandma and was presented with a razor to make himself presentable for her. You can see a little growth coming back on his chin. By now he should be right properly scruffy. ;)

J, you can almost see that wink coming in the second photo, can’tcha?

Posted by Kate on 12/11  at  12:17 PM

Well, he’s an awfully handsome young man, even if the scruffy quotient is temporarily low.

How do those actors achieve that continuous 3-days-growth look, anyway?  Do they not-shave, then shave and stay home till it comes back or what?

Posted by Linkmeister on 12/11  at  02:41 PM

AAAAArgh! Help!

Posted by Linkmeister on 12/11  at  02:42 PM

There. Fixed it for ya.

I, naturally, do look at him with a greatly biased eye. But yeah, I think he’s pretty handsome. Thanks. smile

I think, going by what I see with the lad, they use scissors to keep the scruffy look going (the bathroom sink is perpetually covered with whisker trimmings). Rather than shave, they keep it cropped really close with tiny little wicked sharp scissors. Takes more effort than using a razor, but keeps things looking naturally scruffy.

Posted by Kate on 12/11  at  02:59 PM

Thanks for fixing the runaway bold tag.

That trimming business is WAY too much work.

Posted by Linkmeister on 12/11  at  08:12 PM

That’s kind of what I think when I’m cleaning the sink every darned day and sometimes twice a darned day.

Posted by Kate on 12/11  at  08:32 PM

LOL, yes I can! He did, didn’t he? He is so dang cute!

Posted by justme on 12/12  at  05:53 AM

Oh yeah, he’s still got the magic wink. And he did, a moment after I snapped the picture. Melts hearts, I tells ya.

Posted by Kate on 12/12  at  01:48 PM

On maintaining the three-day beard—it’s a matter of buying an electric razor with appropriate “beard-trimmer” attachments. 

Mine has nine settings.  I usually use #3, which probably cuts to about 0.3 inches, enough to maintain it at beard without being overly long.  I’ve never tried a lower setting, but I bet #1 would leave it as stubble.  Maybe I’ll test that proposition on my neck next time I shave it. 

FWIW, I use a safety razor on my neck ... the very same one that my father gave me for my 12th birthday.  Which means I’ve been using it for 45 years!?!  Finding double-edged blades can be difficult these days, but I only need to do that once every 3-5 years.

Posted by N in Seattle on 12/12  at  02:07 PM

He has one of those. Uses it for his neck, sideburns, and keeping the beard line even on the top half of his face. But for the scruffy look, he uses the little scissors. You see, there is a fine line between scruffy and closely trimmed. I don’t claim to understand all the nuances. I just observe. smile

Posted by Kate on 12/12  at  03:34 PM

Electric razors? Bah!

I’ve always hated those things.  I got razor burn to the nth degree when I used them, and no amount of Aqua Velva ever made it better.

Posted by Linkmeister on 12/12  at  05:01 PM

Well, Linky, except for the fine detail of evening out the edge of the mustache above the upper lip, my electric never actually comes in contact with skin ... it’s a beard trimmer, not a shaver.

I do understand what you’re saying, though.  I think I tried an electric for the neck stuff once or twice, and hated it.  The perfect combination of a non-close shave and skin irritation.

Posted by N in Seattle on 12/12  at  05:11 PM