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Tuesday, 7:33 pm

Yes, we had one! The sky has begun to clear off and the sunset was RED! I hope the old timey sailors knew what they were talking about.

This afternoon something occurred to me—since installing the bathroom tissue roller thingy, I haven’t had to buy any TP. How many weeks ago was that? Unheard of. For some reason, the TP roll dispenser has cut use dramatically. I don’t pretend to understand why. But I’m cool with it!

This morning the lad asked if I’d go buy some shampoo today. While browsing the aisles, my eyes fell on jars of Pacquins hand cream. I took one from the shelf and unscrewed the lid. The scent brought back a lot of memories. My mother used Pacquins hand cream for many, many years. It was an every evening ritual after she and my father finished the dishes. She’d apply some and walk through the living room rubbing it into her hands. The scent reminds me of her. I bought a jar and brought it home. A while ago, I applied some to my hands and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It felt like a big hug from Mom. I miss her.

Posted by Kate on 05/1606 at 07:33 PM

my mom uses Pacquins, has her entire life I guess.  She can’t get it at her house anymore and I never have any luck here so have been buying it online for her for the past several years.  She swears by it.

Posted by cyn on 05/16  at  09:40 PM

Being a kid and all, I used to poke fun at her for using such an unhip moisturizer. Anything bought in the grocery store wasn’t exotic enough or something. But I’ll tell you, she either had an extraordinary set of genes or the stuff really did an amazing job over the years. She was 82 when she died and her hands were softer and smoother than someone 40 years her junior. She had lovely hands. I was a little surprised to discover there is a discernable difference in how the Pacquins made my hands feel this evening. I may become a convert.

Posted by Kate on 05/16  at  11:35 PM