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Sunday, 1:29 pm

Yes, Lottie. You are dim. I assume your editors are cranially advantaged men, so what’s their excuse?

Posted by Kate on 03/0208 at 01:29 PM

Heh.  This article and its author are getting smacked around all over the blogosphere this morning, from Firedoglake to Eschaton and beyond.  I guess I really should read it, rather than just the responses, huh?

Posted by Linkmeister on 03/02  at  03:06 PM

The Post must be starved for readership and needed to instigate a huge kerfkuffle. They evidently succeeded. Criminy, that op ed piece was awful. And insulting. And embarrassing. The responses are much more intelligent and interesting. You’re not missing much by not reading it, except maybe indigestion.

Posted by Kate on 03/02  at  03:35 PM

Oh my.  Yglesias.

“Presumably if we left Allen out of the sample, things might look different.”

(Captcha word—harpies.  Seems apt.)

Posted by Linkmeister on 03/02  at  05:16 PM

Well heck yeah. Charlotte is a genuine sample of one who’s so dumb in math she can’t even count how many pairs of shoes she owns. What more proof d’ya need of inherent female dumbness? Gawd. And the Post wonders why women aren’t flocking to subscribe to their fabulous newspaper. Here’s a really big clue, Ms. Howell. What’s your task force got to say about that, huh?

Posted by Kate on 03/02  at  05:42 PM