Cider Press Hill

Summer has loudly started

Tuesday, 4:50 pm

The lad arrived home late yesterday afternoon. Well, I brought him home, but that’s just details. He’s home. And it only took about two hours before his bedroom took on all the characteristics of a dorm room. There’s a giant Buddha tapestry hanging on one side of the chimney and a...uh...big mushroom tapestry hanging on the other side of the chimney. There’s a huge Pink Floyd poster hanging on one wall and other smaller posters affixed to available empty wall space here and there. And the surround sound television/stereo system has been set up.

Currently, my house is vibrating to the surround sound strains of Kiss.

And there are still bags of Stuff sitting on my living room floor.

Despite all the new stuff plugged into the electrical outlets, we still only used 3 kWh in the last 24 hours. There is hope.

I believe summer is here. May I survive it.

Oh yeah, sure, like I’m really complaining. Not so much. It’s really good having him home.

Posted by Kate on 05/2008 at 04:50 PM

Pink Floyd? Kiss?

What decade is he living in again? wink

Posted by Linkmeister on 05/20  at  06:02 PM

I know, it’s kind of weird. It sort of feels as if I’m reliving my youth when I walk into his room. But he and his friends all seem to prefer the older stuff. Maybe....because it’s better?

Posted by Kate on 05/20  at  07:40 PM

LOL! Mine will be home in about a week!  Hopefully all the music will get your new little friend chirping away!

Posted by canyoncottage on 05/21  at  01:45 PM