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Painting day

Friday, 10:20 am

Today I have painters in my house. They are painting my ceilings—a job that I determined I just wasn’t going to do. Although, now that I’ve watched them for a while, it was probably a foolish notion that someone else could do the job better than I can. It really isn’t that complicated. And I’m really, really picky. Possibly even a perfectionist when it comes to these kinds of things. And well, you know, it’s not perfect. And it will drive me crazy. And I will drive the painters crazy.

I should probably at least allow the primer to dry before I open my mouth. So far, I’ve held on to my restraint. I’d really rather they didn’t quit before they’re finished.

One thing is for sure—with all my stuff piled into the middle of rooms, covered with drop cloths, it opens whole new vistas of decorating possibilities. Also shows me where I might do a better job of cleaning....

Meanwhile, Abbie is crouched in the basement in terror. There are STRANGE PEOPLE in her house! There are THREATENING and CRACKLING plastic drop cloths all over EVERYTHING! There is the SMELL of EVIL PAINT. It’s all too much for a timid little kitty. Poor kid is beside herself. I put her through an awful lot, she would say. She might also say that I owe her for this HORRIBLE day.

The second coat of paint will get rid of the streaks, right???

Posted by Kate on 09/1908 at 10:20 AM

The second coat of paint will get rid of the streaks, right???

Ummm, maybe, maybe not.........  We remodeled all our bathrooms a year or so ago, I asked the plumber and tile guy if they could recommend a painter.  My tile guy said, I am no professional, but can paint and would be happy to do it for you.  Well, he did an OK job, not great, his tile work was spectacular, my floors and walls in the bathroom that has tiles on the walls, are outstanding.  His painting......not so spectacular.  SO, now I am looking for someone to come in and redo them all.  So the LONG answer to your question is really.........not always!! ;)

Posted by cyn on 09/20  at  10:24 AM

All my rooms turned out really well when all the paint dried. Except for the dining room, which I half expected. That is my problem room.

Many years ago, one of the lad’s friends inadvertently (I think...) flushed a little plastic army man down the toilet and when the toilet overflowed, he scampered out, closed the bathroom door and told no one.

Shortly later, a cascade of water came pouring down through my dining room chandelier (onto my brand new 3 day old light grey carpet...). Yeah, water stain problems. The length of most of the floor joists across the entire room.

When I had the ceiling painted about 10 years ago, the painter seemed to do a good job. And the stains all disappeared, but alas....about a year ago, they started to show through.

Now, I’m not sure whether the previous painter actually used a sealer/primer. Seems as if he must have, but I don’t really know. He was supposed to…

So, this time, I bought some Benjamin Moore Premium sealer/primer that’s supposed to cover anything. Water stains and grease and graffiti and crayon—you name it. The guys at the paint store assured me most solemnly that this paint will Do The Trick. They didn’t mention how many gallons it might take to Do The Trick....

Well, two coats of that and I still have faint water stains.

We’ve decided to let the paint cure for a couple of weeks. Then I’ll hit the stains again. Let that cure. And repeat. Hopefully, somewhere in that time, the stains will really be bonded and sealed.

I suppose if that doesn’t work, I’ll eventually have to have the danged ceiling replaced.

Posted by Kate on 09/20  at  01:56 PM