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On my soapbbox again!!

Sunday, 10:09 am

First of all, the weather--while it is SUNNY, as noted, it is also freaking cold!!  However, my cousins in Utah posted pictures on FaceBook this AM of the 7+ inches of snow they got overnight, so I guess I will stop my whining!!

And now to my soapbox, I have been quiet lately (blessedly??) but the apathy on the part of the silent majority is beginning to eat at me.  I have to put myself somewhat in that corner too as I bitch and complain and try to spread the word, but I haven’t gone out and DONE anything for a long while.  I think, though, that the time has come for those of us who are quieter, who might be a little saner, who probably have a good handle on what is going on in this world of ours, to get off our collective butts and stand up together and fight what is going to happen in January when the new Senators and Representatives take their places. They are, mostly--not all, a bunch of hypocrites.  Determined to take President Obama down, to stop health care reform - while screaming about the fact they have to wait a requisite number of days before THEIR health care program, so generously paid for by US, kicks in.  I could go on and on, but I am sickened by the absolute selfishness, arrogance, ignorance and total lack of civility we are seeing day in and day out.

And to this end, I offer this article for you to read, chew on, absorb and then, perhaps someone will have some good ideas as to what we can do.  I am emailing it to everyone I know, have posted it on my FaceBook page, but there has to be more we can do.  We cannot sit quietly back anymore cause WE are the ones who are going to pay the price...........

The time is late. The stakes are extraordinary. While it is true that the billionaires and their supporters are “fired up and ready to go,” there is another more important truth. And that is that there are a lot more of us than there are of them.  Now is the time for us to stand together, educate and organize. Now is the time to roll back this orgy of greed.
Billionaires want More, More, More...
Posted by Cyn on 11/2110 at 10:09 AM

Thanks for the link to Bernie Sanders’ article. It is a good one and needs to be shared.

Posted by Mona on 11/21  at  02:43 PM

Curious. How many billionaires does it take to run a country into the ground? Or several nations for that matter? Or how many billionaires does it take before they start a civil war within their own ranks because they don’t like sharing power and that’s where the power is concentrated? Do the Congress critters really believe that they are even in control of their own message? None of them, to my knowledge, are billionaires, but they are making good and sure that the billionaires will be the beneficiaries of their good offices. When the plutocrats have finally drowned the government in the bathtub, it might occur to some of these Congress Critters that they kind of made a big mistake when they’ve been made redundant and they’re standing in the breadlines. Stupid gits.

Not that I have an overblown case of cynicism or anything. It’s hard not to.

I don’t think we even matter any more other than as consumers. We are always referred to as consumers. That’s our purpose for living. When we no longer consume, well that’s a problem. They do need us, I suppose. They need us to have just enough money to buy their stuff so they can be billionaires and we don’t totally go mutinous. Not so much money that we’d become any kind of competition, though.

Apathy? Maybe. Or is it simply being overwhelmed? Where do you turn and who is listening? The press have long since been bought and paid for by the billionaires like Rupert Murdoch. The Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs and Sarah Palins have the podium and they’re pedaling their ignorance in service to the billionaires as fast and vociferously as they can. And the people are buying it. After all, many many many people believe what they read in the newspapers and hear on the television. It has to be true if it’s on the teevee or in the newspaper. Right?

Perhaps we should just reacquaint ourselves with the world of Charles Dickens since it looks as if we are going to revisit his world in real time....the world of laissez-faire ...the old term for the free market system. It was ugly then, it’s still ugly now.

Quite often I think that we’re doomed as a species. On my less optimistic days, I consider that fair compensation for our behavior.

And Bernie Sanders is an evil socialist who wants to turn the billionaires’ pockets inside out and unfairly redistribute the wealth to the...uh...bottom 90%. Good luck, Bernie. Don’t see it happening any time soon.

Posted by Kate on 11/22  at  02:18 PM

and now today, President Obama declares that federal workers have to bite the bullet and no raises for two years.  Yet people in the same jobs in the public sector make 2, 3, 4 times more than they do and they aren’t going to have to go without costs of living or pay raises.  I don’t get it. 

I know firsthand how hard federal workers work (most of them, of course) and how we did not get rich, we aren’t rich, we are no different than anyone else and yet we are asked to make a sacrifice without getting anything in return.  have the Republicans given up anything, did they agree to something for this?  NO, they didn’t.  I am fed up, totally and utterly fed up.

Posted by Cyn on 11/29  at  10:09 PM

It might not be quite so difficult to accept a pay freeze for federal employees if those people who got us into this mess through bottomless greed, stupidity, arrogance, and...greed...were also getting their salaries trimmed. But noooo...our money bailed them out so that they could get even bigger bonuses. I believe I read that this year’s bank and Wall Street bonuses are the largest EVER. I believe the gov’t froze cost of living increases to Social Security recipients, too. I’m not sure if that was also two years or just this year. Hurts those who depend on it, though. When does the torch and pitchfork parade start?

Also. Too.... Has anyone cut the defense budget yet? No. It is ridiculously bloated. Still waging two or three unnecessary wars of choice? Why, yes. Yes we are. Do the very wealthy still have their tax cuts? Most of the ones dating back to Reagan, at least. Do corporations pay a lower tax rate than many American families? Yup. With screwy finances like that, no wonder we have a deficit.

That’s hardly our biggest problem, though. I’m sorry you’re getting penalized for...what? Just because it’ll make the Republicans smile? Or something? It’s a dumb idea. You don’t stimulate the economy by docking the wages of the nation’s largest employer.

Posted by Kate on 11/30  at  12:31 AM