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Oh my, it has been a long time.........

Friday, 8:43 pm

I just realized I have not posted anything since the 11th or 12th of July and here it is already the 30th.  Kate, you won’t fire me will you??

So, what is happening?  I have a new hero, Anthony Weiner...check out this video of a speech he made yesterday, It’s Republicans wrapping their arms around Republicans--super speech, worth the time to listen to the whole thing if you can find it.  He was mad and it showed and I wish sometimes, as much as I like Obama, he would let loose on some of these incessant no to everything types the same way.  I think people would begin to pay attention and understand more of the BS that is going on.  Hell, didn’t you pay attention when your parents raised their voices and let you have it good?  I know I sure did.  My kids, not so much........but they probably knew yelling was about the size of it.  On the other hand, I knew I was going to get it good, whether it was being grounded or having to do extra chores or whatever.........if my parents raised their voices I was in deep trouble.  So maybe Obama needs to do the same thing!!

What’s been happening in your life?  Mine has been pretty boring.  Spent two weekends in the Berkshires back to back, one to meet with a rep from an auction house and then to go to my high school reunion.  We had a very small class--started with 68, 64 graduated, 7 have died and only about 23 of us went to the reunion.  As is often the case, the majority of us live out of some cases WAY out of town. Singapore, Arizona, New Mexico.  People who lived 20 minutes from the country club never even responded.  Their loss.  There were quite a few who never bothered to respond one way or the other and several we do not have current addresses for.  Many of us no longer have family living in the area so it is impossible, even with constant googling - to find some people.  We had a good time and some of my friends came back to the house and we sat around and talked til after 2:30AM and then a couple of women spent the night rather than have to drive late which made more sense.  All in all it was fun; in a strange way, a few of us are way better friends today than we were back then.  We have gotten to know each other so much better and truthfully, we - well they are, anyway - are much more interesting today then we were back in high school.

I no sooner arrived home then the auction house called to say they had a pick up close to my house up there (mom’s house) and could I meet them there last Thursday so they could pick up the things they are going to sell at auction.  So, I took more time off from work, turned around and went back up there.  I am tired!!  I think it is more emotional than anything else.

Anyone know anything about tick bites??  I am so stupid that I thought it was a blood blister so ignored it for a day - then something clicked and I realized what it was.  SO got rid of it.  It was about two weeks ago and have had a bunch of different advice.  Go to a doctor, don’t go unless you have symptoms, get a blood test, ask for antibiotics.  What to I did what I usually do.  Nothing!!  I am guessing it came in on the cat and since she is an outdoor cat and always cuddled in my lap when she is inside, it is not surprising.

We leave for my favorite vacation place very soon now and will be there for quite a while.  I am psyched!!  Watch someone will make an offer on the house the day before we leave and will want it emptied out by Labor Day and I will have to cancel the trip.  That would be SO bad. 

OK enough of my nonsense, probably better if I had continued to NOT post anything!!


Posted by Cyn on 07/3010 at 08:43 PM

What kind of tick was it? Or how large was it? The deer tick that carries Lyme disease is tiny. About the size of a pin head. I don’t think the larger wood and dog ticks carry Lyme, but I’m not current on the disease.

The lad had Lyme disease about 17 years ago, when it first started making an appearance here. I actually found the tick attached to his forehead at the hairline. I had to use a magnifying glass to figure out what it was. It is a nasty disease.

His symptoms presented very early and the rash showed up at the site of the tick bite. So we treated very early (antibiotic for a month) and he was cured and never a problem since.

I have a friend who went undiagnosed for a couple of years and she has irreparable heart and other damage now. It’s horrible. If you start having flu symptoms, strange rash, elevated or spiking fever, and/or joint pain (beyond what may be normal), get thee to a doctor immediately. In future, if you remove an attached tick, drop it in a glass jar and take it to the doctor to have it tested.

Gosh, I thought I had a small graduating class of 114 kids. You really did live out in the back of beyond!!!

Posted by Kate on 07/30  at  09:58 PM

What kind of tick?  A very black, bloated with blood tick. So bloated, I seriously thought I had done something to myself and had a big blood blister.  And when I squeezed and did whatever I did, it burst into a bunch of pieces.  OH, OK, I will stop, the visual is making me ill....and I saw it and did it!!  So have no clue.

Have had no rash that I am aware of, tough to tell if the ache in the joints is a new one or more of the same.  LOL I suppose I could run into the Minute Clinic at CVS and ask the question, I have to go to CVS anyway, so no biggie.  I guess I will!!

Yes, we did live in the back of beyond AND, those 64 graduates came from FIVE towns.  It is a regional high school.  3 of us from the town I lived in.  One of the things we discussed at the reunion was that prior to having driver’s licenses, or boyfriends with driver’s licenses (and in that case being able to sneak out from under our parent’s watchful eyes), the friends we hung out with and considered “best” friends were not necessarily the same people we hung out with out of school.  Our parents would never have run us around the way we (I) did for our kids.  A whole different world.

Posted by Cyn on 07/31  at  11:52 AM