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No Mas.......

Saturday, 9:22 pm

For weeks now I have been saying no mas; no, no, no, no more contributing to ANYONE for any reason. 

We, like many people, are inundated with phone calls and snail mail from everyone and their brother - some for good causes, many for things I would never contribute to.  It has gotten so bad, that I have reached my limit of phone calls I can block on our house phone.  I have to wait a few weeks, then clear them all out and start over.  It takes about 3 days to fill it up.  Anyway, I have had it, am fed up and so have told Joe that either we find a way to contribute anonymously or we do not contribute at all.  Tonight he handed me this article Are charities spying on you to read.  It pretty much spells out exactly why we are getting harassed 7 days a week starting at 7:30AM and often ending somewhere around 9PM.

If the calls are for Joe, I have been saying, “he does not live here anymore and stop calling me.” If they are for me, he is to do the same or I say that “I am out of town on business.” Pain in the ass, we should not have to do this.  I have enough address labels to stick on 5000 pieces of mail and at last count had something like 8 calendars.  All with lovely flowers, birds etc.  But c’mon, how many of those suckers can you use.  Our local thrift shop is the recipient of those, the ugly greeting cards and the endless notepads.  STOP IT.

So, follow the link, read the article and let me know if it disgusts you as much as it does me.


Posted by Cyn on 05/2910 at 09:22 PM