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Nix the empire rhetoric

Thursday, 7:03 pm

I have noticed lately, that more and more news articles refer to the United States as the American homeland. It’s bad enough to be stuck with a clunker like the Department of Homeland Security, but do the media have to glom onto the name, too? How many little Americas do we have out there anyway? I thought the United States was pretty much it. American homeland sounds like empire talk. Is someone planning on annexing something to the United States? I’d hope not. Why can’t we call the United United States? Or America, if you’d prefer. But dump the homeland garbage. It sounds stupid, pretentious, and arrogant.

Posted by Kate on 07/1907 at 07:03 PM

Melissa at Shakesville agrees with you.  I left a comment in that thread expressing my own view (also agreeing with you).

Posted by Linkmeister on 07/19  at  07:41 PM

Goodness, I hadn’t even read that one. It must be wearing on a lot of us all at the same time. My teeth grind every time I read it or hear it anymore. I despise it, too.

Posted by Kate on 07/19  at  07:49 PM

I’ve always thought that Homeland Security was a little too evocative of Nazism.  Remember what Sinclair Lewis said about fascism in America?

Posted by Adam on 07/19  at  07:50 PM

He and Orwell were somewhat prescient. This certainly isn’t the Norman Rockwell version of America, is it?

Posted by Kate on 07/19  at  08:25 PM

hmmm, arrogant, pretentious, stupid.  Sounds like someone at the very top.  Actually he is probably planning on annexing the US to the ranch........

I had not heard this expression used, but it would annoy me (will annoy me) if I do!!

Posted by cyn on 07/19  at  09:46 PM
This certainly isn’t the Norman Rockwell version of America, is it?

No, it’s much, much more like another Rockwell‘s version.

Though, to be fair, it isn’t really appropriate to invoke Godwin’s Law when talking about these guys.  IMHO, the Bush-Cheney malAdministration has been valuable in helping to separate fascism from its formerly-tight association with Naziism.  Now we can link Mussolini et al. to Dubya and Dick’s neocons rather than Adolf.  A much better comp, if you ask me.

Posted by N in Seattle on 07/19  at  10:04 PM

I’d agree. As we know, Michael Ledeen was/has been deeply involved in the formation of the Bush Doctrine. He is quite the expert on Italian fascism and Mussolini. That was what he wrote his dissertation on—finding several favorable elements. I find that a curious coincidence.

But then he also wrote this piece of claptrap.  Loves him some Machiavelli. Having read it, I’d say that Melissa (in her comment to the post Linkmeister referenced above) is absolutely spot on in her last sentence.

Posted by Kate on 07/19  at  10:12 PM