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Meet the 'keet

Wednesday, 2:04 pm

Here is my as-yet-unnamed parakeet. He is, according to my research, a recessive pied parakeet. He will grow up to have relatively few markings on him, unlike most other parakeets. The top of his head will probably turn completely white after all of his adult plumage comes in. He’s about 3 months old, which is a little past the ideal time for training. It seems, however, that he is accustomed to being touched and handled. He has already climbed on my hand willingly and allowed me to give him chin scritches. He leaned into the scritches...he apparently liked them.

He’s still very quiet, but curious. He’s been taking in every detail and listening carefully to everything I say to him. I played a couple of audio clips of parakeets chattering and singing. He began hopping around his cage, chattering right back at them. He seemed so excited. Kind of made me feel bad. I think he’s lonesome and misses his former cage mates.

Abbie is taking him in stride, more or less. She finds him interesting, but not overly so. Mainly, she’s a little jealous of the attention I’ve paid him.

We’re taking it slowly, hoping he adjusts and feels at home soon. In the meantime, he also gets to listen to lots of Bach, which seems to soothe him. Perhaps he’ll start whistling a Brandenburg Concerto soon. More likely, he’ll start chirping like my telephone. That sound utterly captivates him.

Posted by Kate on 05/2108 at 02:04 PM

OH! he is very handsome!  Any names seem to fit yet?  Perhaps Johann if he is a fan of Bach?  LOL!

Posted by canyoncottage on 05/22  at  12:59 PM

He thanks you for the compliment, Annie. No, no names have come to mind yet. He began chirping a bit today for the first time. But he’s still rather quiet and watching everything closely. I think he’s exhausted, too. I’ve only seen him sleep twice since he’s been here. Today he finally gave in and let his eyes close for a while. Maybe that means he’s growing a little more secure with his surroundings. His personality really hasn’t had a chance to shine yet. Soon, I hope.

Posted by Kate on 05/22  at  07:48 PM

I had a parakeet growing up--named George--don’t ask, I don’t remember why, maybe I got him on GW’s birthday.  Anyway, all I remember he ever said was pretty bird--yeah, real unique, huh? and hi there.  But I loved him.  Have always said I would get another, but never did.  I think you should have gotten an african gray parrot.  My brother’s significant other has one and I am always in stitches hearing her tell about all the things her bird does and says.  It is amazing.  Don’t know if an amazing ability to speak is part of their nature or she just has an unusual one. 
Enjoy your new little guy.  Do you cover him at night so he can sleep?  Maybe he is afraid of the cat??

Posted by cyn on 05/22  at  09:00 PM

I came soooooo close to buying a love bird instead. Not quite an African Grey, but definitely larger than a budgie. It was adorable and so friendly. I’m not sure why I didn’t. But I’m glad I have this little guy. He’s really a sweetie.

Abbie doesn’t scare him. At all. She’s decided if she can’t beat him, she’ll join him. She sleeps wrapped around his cage and he is perfectly content with that. I don’t imagine that he has any idea that cats are supposed to be enemies.

And yes, he’s covered at night. That’s when he takes the opportunity to rattle around in there and make lots of noise. Not chirpy noise, but clanging his bell and climbing all over the cage noise. It’s no wonder he looked as if he’d fall over in sheer exhaustion this morning. I felt much the same way after listening to him all night. ;)

My grandmother had a parakeet when I was little. Its name was Pepper and he talked a blue streak. His vocabulary was immense. I’ve never been able to get any of my parakeets to talk. (This guy is my 4th parakeet) I don’t know what the secret is. Maybe I don’t get them young enough. It’s certainly not for lack of talking to them.

Posted by Kate on 05/22  at  09:11 PM