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I've been NOOKED

Sunday, 11:03 am

I wanted a Kindle after doing my due diligence--asking everyone who reads Cider Press Hill and doing internet research but got a Nook instead.  Not sure what the real differences are or if there really are a lot.  Supposedly Nook has more titles available and I can access books from my local library using something called Overdrive.  The person who gave it to me said she did not think that I could do that with a Kindle.  SO we will see. 

So far I have not been able to figure out how exactly to download books using Overdrive.  I guess I will take my Nook to the library and ask someone there.  I have done several things, but nothing seems to work.

I have purchased a few books from Barnes and Noble and they seemed to have downloaded just fine.  I have to go sit somewhere for a couple hours tomorrow so am planning on taking it, instead of 2-3 books with me.  Then I can report back as to whether or not this is a good thing or noooooooooo.  I will love it I think when we travel cause now I can just take it with me instead of a suitcase full of books (yes I am nuts!!).

And on that note, I shall close. 

OH, Jets vs Patriots next week, what do you think??


Posted by Cyn on 01/0911 at 11:03 AM

Hey! Good for you. Did you get the color Nook? You are supposed to be able to borrow library books with the Nook and no, you can’t with the Kindle. So far, though, the selections are on the thin side within my library system. I think you’re part of the same library consortium? Hope the number of books grows. I hope Amazon or the library catch a clue and make one compatible with the other, too.

Do you like your Nook?? Well??? Do you like e-reading?

Guess I oughta write a post about my new Kindle, too. I’m so in love. smile

Posted by Kate on 01/10  at  01:32 AM

well you have to let me know how you like it Cyn! I can’t decide which one to get! 
Kate, the mixer I received for x-mas has gotten very bad reviews so I haven’t dared even plug it in! I am just hoping I can return it without the box. If I can..... there is my Kindle/Nook. (why he didn’t just get me the kindle after all the talk about it for my birthday? one will never know lol)

Hope everyone had a nice holiday! Now........ BRING ON SUMMER!

Posted by justme on 01/11  at  08:58 AM

On my way to work shortly so quick responses.  No, not a color Nook, just a Nook, although the touch screen at the bottom is in color.........Hmmm, No, I do not think it is the Color one.  I am soooo dumb.  I used it - really used it - for the first time yesterday and yes, absolutely enjoyed it.  I think it is a good thing!!

Justme- I hear you.  Have you seen the ad that was on TV before the holidays, the kid as a little boy and through adulthood--wanting one thing, parents, etc. trying to give him something else and he keeps saying, “no, it’s not the same thing...” That is what I felt like and I suspect you do too.  If you do not want to choose something I want for gifts, then DON’T ASK ME FOR IDEAS!!  LOL

I honestly do not know what, if any, real differences there are for the two so cannot judge, they both work in direct sunlight and that would be key for me.

Kay:  Yes, we are both part of the same library systems and in looking through their offerings, it does seem pretty skimpy.  As I said, I still have not figured out how to marry the two so will have to take my Nook in there and ask someone - should I give it a name?? ;)

And now to work.......snow day tomorrow??  I am ready, stocked up on TP & bread (isn’t that what you are supposed to do) and bird feeders are all filled.  LOL

OH S*** my cat is at the back door with a big fat mouse in her mouth.  Time to be the bad mama and distract her and get rid of it.  After I take a picture--maybe I will make it my new profile pic on Facebook.  LOL

Posted by Cyn on 01/11  at  09:11 AM

thanks Cyn. I have just been doing a little research on the nook color (only $60 more than the kindle I was thinking of getting!) and the more I read, the more I like! I am really swaying towards the nook color at the moment!
Kate, speak up with any opinions! You have had a kindle for some time now and voiced some pros and cons on it. Does the new nook have some of the features you would have liked to see in the kindle?

Posted by justme on 01/11  at  10:45 AM

No useful opinions between Nook and Kindle from me. I love my Kindle and am very happy with it. People who have the Nook seem to be very happy with it, too. It’s all what you get used to, I think. As far as I know, the newer Nooks have all the early bugs worked out and they’re very nice. I like Amazon and I LOVE their customer service which is a large part of why I am committed to the Kindle. At some point, when the prices come down a bit, I will probably pick up another e-reader like the Kobo or something. Especially as the library starts building its e-library, and I really hope they hurry up with that!

What kind of mixer J? I would like a mixer. Of course, I’d like a Kitchen Aid mixer, which is not going to happen any time soon, but… ;)

Posted by Kate on 01/11  at  06:45 PM

Well........ Nook color it is. Read a ton of reviews today. And of course they all had pros and cons. I think what I want it for that the nook is better for me. (tho I do love the kindle. sigh) Now it just better hurry up and get here!
The mixer, It was a better homes and garden. Very bad reviews. I didn’t really come across any that are completely positive. The kitchen Aid is also the one I really want. And you know me, I won’t be happy with anything less lol. So I will wait it out(just like I have for my e-reader!) and get one eventually.
Bed time for me. Did a mix of cleaning and reading, and shopping today. I am beat! And I am NOT looking forward to having to get up and shovel snow in the morning. nite nite

Posted by justme on 01/11  at  09:34 PM

Oh, cool. I hope you absolutely love it. How long before you get it? And don’t mention snow. Trying not to think about it. Two blizzards in two weeks? Genuine blizzards? Oh that’s just ugly.

LOL, Cyn, just noticed your remark about naming your Nook. Of course you should name it. It’s fun. My Kindle is named Dexter. Just seemed to fit. The one prior was called The Cliffs of Insanity. smile

Posted by Kate on 01/11  at  10:45 PM

Well I checked yesterday and it is not even suppose to ship until at least today! This is torture! UPS guy just pulled up and I was like a little kid lol, hoping that the shipping date was a mistake. sigh. HURRY UP ALREADY! There are books I want to dl and read!

Posted by justme on 01/14  at  09:41 AM

Yay for you justme!  My problem now is making sure I am not buying (and downloading) books I have already read.  I read so much and tend to forget titles, etc. I have a stack of NEW books here I am slowly reading and then I think I will simply (for the time being) stick to just putting brand new titles from my favorites on my Nook.  That way I should be safe!!  Still have not gone by the library to see if they can help me figure out how to use overdrive.

I think, too, we could all share books we download with each other, but not sure.  A lot I have to learn. 

Have fun, hope it comes early!

Posted by Cyn on 01/14  at  01:17 PM

JustMe is on Nook watch. The longest days in human memory. Just like Kindle watch. May the UPS truck fly to your front door. Do you have the tracking number so you can watch its progress? That’s part of the ritual. You must do that, too.

You Nook owners can share books. Once for each book. I can not join in the fun since our e-readers do not speak the same language. Hate DRM. Hate it!

Posted by Kate on 01/14  at  05:48 PM

ha just found out last night that it is not going to ship until the 20th!
this is freaking toucher I tell you!
Cyn, I am going to have to behave myself with the DL also. Going to be very hard tho! At least my children will know what to give me for mothers day lol.

Posted by justme on 01/17  at  07:28 AM