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Israel's new PR nightmare

Sunday, 11:07 pm

Over the past several hours, I have been keeping an eye on a live video feed of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla—several ships laden with humanitarian aid and supplies for Gazans, ships intended to break the Israeli blockade to deliver the supplies.

Over the past couple of hours, Israel attacked at least one of the boats, killed two 10-14 19 people and wounded at least 30-50 over 60, some critically. (Contact was lost with the other two boats hours ago.) This was done in international waters, at least 78 miles off the coast of Israel. At least one of the ships was registered in the United States. The larger one, which was attacked, is registered to Turkey and is filled with Turkish civilians and reporters. I’m going to assume that Prime Minister Erdogan is not going to take this well.

There are more than a couple international laws that have been trampled tonight. And unnecessary violence and bloodshed. Israel is out of control and I am fed up to the teeth with the Israeli government making excuses and getting away with unrestrained violence. I watched people bleeding to death tonight as it was happening. I watch Israeli commandos jumping off helicopters onto the deck of the Turkish vessel tonight, armed to the damned teeth and terrifying men, women, and children with the barrels of guns pointing at them. Sound grenades going off, too. And did I mention people bleeding to death? People who did no violence to anyone?

I wonder if Israel realizes what a public relations nightmare it has created in front of live video cams that were broadcasting to the world at large. It’s a different world and I hope that tomorrow the rest of the world will catch up with tonight’s events and isolate Israel. They need to get a grip and do it quickly. There are many other things I could and should say about it, but maybe another time. I’m still seeing people bleeding to death and I probably will in my sleep tonight and tomorrow night and...and...and. That’s enough to occupy my brain for a while. Do you suppose Pres. Obama will have anything to say about it to Bibi when he comes calling on Tuesday? I’d like to think so, but who the hell knows.

Posted by Kate on 05/3010 at 11:07 PM