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Instead of a dog....

Tuesday, 7:38 pm

I’d still like a dog, but the house and I are not quite ready for one. And yet....I’ve felt the need for another little body in the house. Soooo....

Today I did a very characteristic impulse thing. On the way home from somewhere, I stopped at my favorite pet store and walked out with a young parakeet. He’s white with just a smattering of turquoise on his belly. And a little bit of charcoal gray on his wings and around his eyes. He’s a handsome fellow.

We’re still getting acquainted. He’s very quiet for now, keeping a close eye on me. I’ve been talking to him a blue streak, but he’s still not ready to chirp at me yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Now I have to name him. I’m terrible at naming my pets. For now he’s just “little guy”—but he deserves something a little more distinctive.

Posted by Kate on 05/2008 at 07:38 PM

Oh YEA! I have been thinking about getting a parakeet, or a kitten, but I have 3 dogs and a fish, so thinking is all I have been doing with that.  Parakeets can become very attached, especially when you get them young.  Can you put a pic up of him?

Posted by canyoncottage on 05/21  at  01:43 PM

Yep, his first portrait is up. He’s a real cutie. I hope he grows really attached and I can let him out to play in the course of time. Will take time for him to get his bearings, learn to trust me, and get to know his cage as home.

I had a thought last night...he’s going to freeze to death next winter unless I come up with a creative plan to keep him warm. Sheesh. I forgot about that.

Posted by Kate on 05/21  at  04:50 PM