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How to convert a Witch to Catholicism--or something like that....

Saturday, 12:30 pm

Five hundred years ago, the Catholic Church had a simple way of dealing with witches: It burned them alive. The Vatican still views these broom botherers as a danger, but is now calling on Catholics to eliminate the neo-pagan problem in a more moderate manner.

According to a new booklet from the Catholic Truth Society—the U.K. publishers for the Holy See—the faithful can convert Wiccans by following a few simple steps. The pamphlet, titled “Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers,” suggests that Catholics spark up conversations with these unbelievers about shared concerns such as the environment, The Telegraph reports.

And if you bump into a witch in a bar or coffee shop, the book adds, it’s important to recognize that “Wiccans are on a genuine spiritual quest,” providing “the starting point for dialog that may lead to their conversion."

I did not read all of the article, but what little I read did not mention what to do when you meet one on the campaign trail..........

Here is a link if you just cannot resist reading more....--Wicca and Witchcraft--

Posted by Cyn on 02/0511 at 12:30 PM

Well, I reckon if you met one on the campaign trail you’d shake his or her hand and say “Thank you for your support,” because no witch I’m aware of would vote for a Republican. smile

And, I suspect, trying to convert a witch would be just about as difficult as converting PZ Myers. It would be a heck of a lot of fun to watch, though!

Posted by Kate on 02/06  at  02:51 PM