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Holiday cheer

Thursday, 8:50 am

I stopped by KMart a while ago to get some new work gloves. The old ones being thoroughly worn out. I rounded the first corner toward the tools and garden supplies aisle when twinkling Christmas lights stopped me dead in my tracks. There in the middle of what used to be the garden section was a display of fake Christmas trees and wire form reindeer and candy canes and other sparkly, twinkly, blinking light displays. And Christmas music! In September! Granted, it’s almost October, but we are still officially in September.

What made it even weirder were the Halloween displays surrounding the Christmas oasis.

I found my work gloves, but I still walked out of the store a little dazed. And then turned amused when a man holding his little girl’s hand met his wife outside the store and said to her, “Holy Geez, they’ve got the Christmas stuff up already.”

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks they’re pushing things a little too far.

Posted by Kate on 09/2905 at 08:50 AM

It gets earlier and earlier every year! The last couple of years I have actually made a comment to stores that I won’t shop in the store again until at least November!
I want to at least get through Halloween before I have to see all the christmas stuff. And they would always tell me that at least a 100 people a week leave comments in the suggestions box about it LOL.
I would much rather spend a extra couple of dollars at the grocery store for shampoo, TP, razors and the like than having to go to KM or WM and see it (hear it) in SEPTEMBER!
So did you make it out of the store without any thing flashing? LOL.

Posted by justme on 09/29  at  10:13 AM

Don’t you just hate that?  I can kinda, sorta understand it when my new, best friends over at Frontgate catalog are hawking Christmas stuff - it’s mail-order - but retail outlets need to give it a rest until Halloween is OVER.  Is that too much to ask for the baby Jesus?  I think not.

Posted by Alan W on 09/29  at  10:22 AM

My grocery store had the Halloween displays out in *August* and, as of Monday night, they have Christmas stuff out.

On a side note, my code word right now is corleone.” That’s funny.

Posted by Kim on 09/29  at  01:23 PM

Yes, I do hate seeing Christmas items displayed this early. I don’t want to see them until after Halloween and I’d even be happier if we didn’t have to look at them until mid-November at the earliest. I don’t know how much earlier stores can put up the Christmas do so in August would cut in to their back to school displays. Thank goodness for that.

Kim—I thought, since I’m forcing everyone to type a little word in the box, that some of them should be at least mildy amusing or interesting or something. ;)

Posted by Kate on 09/29  at  02:26 PM

I don’t celebrate Xmas anymore. To me, if it’s not the religious sentiment you’re observing, then it’s just crass commercialism. Instead, I give gifts at the new year. That seems like a better time to give someone something since they are starting down a fresh road. Also, I can benefit from all of the after Xmas sales to buy the gifts!

Posted by Pablo on 09/29  at  03:12 PM

I do like the after-Christmas sales angle. ;)

I suppose I’m sort of heathenish in my view that Christmas is more of a mid-winter festival. I love the greens and the smell of fresh pine in the house. I like all the tradition that goes with it.

Posted by Kate on 09/30  at  07:47 AM