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Hello Sunday

Sunday, 10:18 am

I thought maybe someone might be poking around here since the weather is awful.  Weekend has been really crappy so far--anyone in New England remember the long range forecast for this weekend?  Words like mild temps, sunshine, progressively getting nicer each day and so on.  Yeah, right.  Instead it has been getting progressively worse and colder.  But I am sure once the work week begins, it will be lovely.  Bitter?  Who me? Never!!

So, what is happening around here?  Apparently nothing.  I don’t think anyone has commented on anything in weeks.  I just don’t have Kate’s magic touch, that’s all!!

Speaking of Kate--did the lad graduate this year or is it next?  Time flies!!  If this year, then congratulations to both of you.  Wow!!

Am working on a questionnaire to be sent out to classmates of mine from high school.  We are having a reunion in July--a middle between two significant years reunion - and I absolutely refuse to write or acknowledge those years cause it is damn scary!!  I like to pretend it was just a short time ago and when I see the number it tells me I am in la-la land.  SO, anyway, I said I would do the questionnaire and get it out to everyone and a friend is going to put it all together into some sort of booklet.  But, I don’t want it to be cut and dried, am trying to make it humorous.  So, I am turning to you all.  Help me with some off the beaten path questions!!  If you were filling out one of these, what would you like to see on it?? 

I am going to go back and see if I can find the class predictions or whatever it was called.  It was something along the line of “ 20 years so and so will be doing...” I think mine said I would be a carhop on roller skates.  Yeah, well I did have a certain reputation back in high school.  ;) Of course, roller skates have given way to rollerblades and believe it or not, carhops are coming back into style.  We have one close by called Sonic.  My goddaughter went with friends, she told me she was going to something called a ‘carhop’ and afterward, she said it was no big deal. They bring your food to your car and you eat IN your car.  I laughed and said that’s what we all did back in the ‘old’ days.

There is a page on FaceBook called Plug the BP Oil Spill with Sarah Palin which is a riot.  There are over 192,000 members already and counting.  Lots of suggestions of other people to use as well.  One of whom is Dick Cheney.  Remember him?  Big mouth up until the oil spill, had lots of suggestions and criticisms of the current administration??  Yeah him.  So where is he now when the blame for much of this can be laid squarely at his doorstep.  Hmmm, funny how he has disappeared.  Must have gone back to that cave he was so fond of. 

I did find something I want on that page and so now, This is on MY Christmas list!!

OK, I have a lot to do today so must say so long.  If you have any suggestions about my reunion questions, I would love to hear them!!


Posted by Cyn on 06/1310 at 10:18 AM

Yes, the lad graduated on May 22. He is now living back at home for the time being. I like having him here, of course, but recognize that we will both be better off after he’s saved up enough money to strike out on his own. That’ll take a few months, but the goal is forefront in his mind. Add a girlfriend in New Jersey and a move to the metropolitan area isn’t out of the question, either. Who knows? smile

For the time being he is employed as a cook and, while enjoying it, he is also frantically searching for a career building job. He’s in the same boat as most of his graduating classmates. It’s a rough employment scene out there.

Class reunions I avoid like the freakin plague. The last one I went to was slow torture and I swore...NEVER again. Maybe it was just a function of a tiny graduating class and nobody changing and the cliques still being intact. Shudder.

Posted by Kate on 06/17  at  05:07 PM