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He Won!

Monday, 2:42 pm

I was ever so pleased to see that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth won at the Oscars ceremony last night for Best Documentary. I had forgotten that the Oscars were on last night until about 10:30-ish. I ran in to turn on the TV, just as the Best Documentary was being announced. Talk about good timing. His acceptance speech was very short, simple, and kind of elegant. I like that man.

Posted by Kate on 02/2607 at 02:42 PM

I fell asleep :( Crashed by nine. The girls called from CA and I didn’t even budge until the last ring. And GC2 was at a movie. I never sleep like that lol. Especially if one of the kids are not home!
ok, my last word was sage, this one, vulcan. What the heck do you have the word bar at? LOL.

Posted by justme on 02/27  at  07:00 AM

Lots of mythological creatures, people, and such. smile

Posted by Kate on 02/27  at  08:36 PM

I missed it… I was on a rare phone call from a friend, but pleased to learn this morning that Gore won.  I still have, saved, somewhere, his concession speech from late 2000, which is still the most inspirational example of dignity in a political speech I’ve ever heard.  Go Gore!

Posted by dk on 02/27  at  10:16 PM

Unsurprisingly, he has been the target of much vitriol from the right wing machine this week. Naturally, trying to discredit Gore will make global warming go away. Right? They must be worried he will run for President. I wish he would. It would be the first time in a few years that I’d be able to vote for someone rather than against someone else.

Posted by Kate on 02/28  at  03:39 PM