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Fine February Day

Wednesday, 6:02 pm

Today, the 19th of November, was a fine February day. My outdoor thermometer never rose above 28°. And it is heading toward 23° at a pretty brisk clip, even as I type. By the time I post this, we might have already reached it. I must say, that’s rather cold for the middle of November, during which our normal daytime temperatures are still usually in the upper 40s.

I know that most people around here aren’t too crazy about it. I can practically hear all the neighbors keening as their furnaces labor away at mid-winter frequency. The white billows of steam pouring out of their chimneys is deep winter picture postcard pretty, except for the absence of snow. Not that I’m asking for trouble by saying that or anything.... It’s not that we don’t like to share, but you folks in Canada can hang on to your cold weather for a little longer without offending us in the least.

I’m curious how some of these folks are managing. Especially the woman who was determined not to turn the heat on until December 1st. Someone might want to go check on her to make sure she and her family haven’t turned into solid blocks of ice. I suspect all the good resolve went right out the window last night, if not sooner. It has been an uncharacteristically cold autumn this year.

My earmarked November wood supply is rapidly depleting. I don’t think it’s going to last until the end of November at this rate. I’ve been trying to take it a little easy, but when I get up in the morning to a 54° house, my resolve disintegrates pretty quickly.  Here’s hoping for an extended December and January thaw to make up for this nonsense.

Posted by Kate on 11/1908 at 06:02 PM

Can you hear my teeth chattering.  Am wearing the same clothes I would be wearing in February and am not amused.  None of this was helped by not one, but 3 emails from 3 friends in hawaii today talking about the gorgeous weather.  GRRRRR I have the heat pushed up in the house, but nothing seems to be helping.  It is just damn cold out there and breezy on top of it.

Posted by cyn on 11/19  at  10:07 PM

I am thinking you were being too nice saying February.  It is freaking cold out there and work is so slow I cannot stop thinking about it.  If I were busier, I would have less time to think.....or play on my favorite blogs.  LOL Linkmeister, this keeps up, you just might see Kate AND me on your doorstep, tents in hand.

Posted by cyn on 11/20  at  02:53 PM

Well, I don’t know of anything colder than February. Antarctica, maybe??? We actually made it all the way up to freezing today. Now it’s heading back down to wherever. It was down to 16 last night. Ridiculous. We’re not supposed to be climbing the walls wanting to escape to some place warm for at least two more months. I hope Linkmeister has a big yard.

Posted by Kate on 11/20  at  04:55 PM

I am, incidentally, wearing a scarf around my neck. In The House. This is nuts. Not starting a fire until 8PM. At least the house is retaining some heat and it’s not toooo bad in here. Yet. This is an inhospitable environment. I’ll try to keep my whining a little under control this winter, but it’s starting awfully early.....!

Posted by Kate on 11/20  at  05:02 PM

Whine away, I will provide the cheese and crackers to go with it.  I imagine I am whining even louder.....and I am not nearly as good about heat as you.  I pushed the thermostat UP!!  Heard it could dip to 13 or less tonight.  Linkmeister, we may be on our word is DARK.  Appropriate.

Posted by cyn on 11/20  at  09:05 PM

Hey, if you two don’t mind sharing a bed, we’ve even got a spare bedroom. wink

Just let me get some rubbing compound and wax on the car before you arrive, willya?

Posted by Linkmeister on 11/21  at  02:43 AM

Oh, and since I just finished watching John Adams, those Quincy and Braintree winters did look awfully cold.

Posted by Linkmeister on 11/21  at  02:45 AM

Linkmeister, I will sleep on the floor, or on the grass. It will be warmer either way than it is here. It was 29 out at 8pm when I had to go pick up one of the girls last night. I wanted to cry. I am afraid to look to see what it is this morning.
Oh for freaking sake! This has got to be some kind of a joke Kate, right? LOL.
My captcha word is Pomona. Like as in Pomona CA. where it is nice and warm right now. I will take their 50 middle of the night temps. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I wanna go home!

Posted by justme on 11/21  at  05:58 AM

As we discussed today, was COLD. With a brisk breeze blowing, it felt even colder. Kind of like February, as a matter of fact.

Linkmeister, we promise not to look at your car, rubbing compound or no. I’d be happy with a lawn chair and a light blanket. If I understand correctly, you aren’t plagued by mosquitoes. That’s my kind of paradise.

Just curious how they pronounced Quincy in the film—I don’t remember. Most of my life I thought it was QuinCy. I was a little surprised to hear everyone around here pronouncing it QuinZy when I first moved here. They talk funny in MA.

Posted by Kate on 11/21  at  04:34 PM

HA--18 this morning early.  DAMN!  And one of my friends on Oahu said it has cooled down some, so the evenings are in the 70’s.  Gosh, what must that be like. ;)

I never thought about QuinCy, I think I say it with a Z too but then I married someone who was born in Boston, so not surprising.

Yeah, Linkmeister, we aren’t worried about the car and sleeping outside--got a lanai?--is fine by me, too. 

On the good news side though, I just got gas at my local Gulf station where they PUMP IT FOR YOU and paid 1.95 for regular.  Now if I could just get him to wash my windshield.....................;)

Posted by cyn on 11/21  at  04:42 PM

J got gasoline at BJs today. Just as we turned into the parking lot, someone was out front dropping the price from $1.90 to $1.86. Astonishing.

Cyn, I’d imagine that your friend is running around in sweatshirts and long pants. smile I seem to recall when another party, who lived in Southern California, used to do that. Cracked me up.

Posted by Kate on 11/21  at  04:55 PM

It’s in the 70s, but the forecast is for heavy heavy rain for the next few days.  In fact, we’ve got a flood watch in place for various islands.

I put on fuzzy slippers when it gets into the low 70s; that tiled floor in the kitchen gets cold!

I’m remembering Quincy from the book.  In the film they referred to his home by the farm’s name, Peacefield.

Posted by Linkmeister on 11/21  at  07:25 PM

I am not looking at the temps today. My heat is clicking on and off way to much for my liking, so I know its cold out there.
I have it set at 61 for the week end (I know if I leave it at 58, like I do while I am the only one here, I will listen to whining all weekend) for the real wimps in the house lol.
Kate the “Other Party” use to run around in tank tops and shorts on Christmas eve. Sweatshirts were for the times it dropped below 70 lol.
And it is time for me to go home now. The housing market may be shit there (but really that doesn’t effect me anyway) but gas prices are the same, the same! I can get gas for 1.89 at the gas station I use to get gas at all the time!! Sigh.
Now I just need to come up with several spare thousand dollars to haul everything back out there lol. Got any ideas? No?
When I do go, I think you should come with us. You know you would love it. Hummmmmmmm I think I will have to start trying to sell you on the idea lol.
Oh it took me a bit to figure out what you were talking about when you said, Quincy and film lol. I was thinking the movie we just watched! I was a bit confused lol.
I say it with a C and so does everyone in my household, thankfully! Well not GC1, she’s sleeping and I don’t think she will think I am all that funny if I wake her up and ask her.

Posted by justme on 11/22  at  07:31 AM

SoCal is looking rather choice at the moment, I will admit. It’s 24° outside. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Fer crying out loud. Speaking of...I’ve noticed Christmas decorations popping up around town already. Sheesh people.

I haven’t gone outside to drag in any wood yet. It’s cold in here. Not cold enough yet to make me want to run to the woodpile, but I’m working up to it. If I don’t go pretty soon, Abbie and the birdies are going to turn into popsicles.

Posted by Kate on 11/22  at  03:05 PM

and then today is............48?  AND dark, and pouring rain and windy as all get out.  House is too warm today and two days ago, I could not get warm enough.  Go figure!

Going to NYC tomorrow til Monday, spending the time with older son and new (to us, anyway) girlfriend...should be interesting.  Not sure how I feel about it......would rather be going to Oahu or even Key West.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Posted by cyn on 11/25  at  09:09 AM

Meeting the new girlfriend is a fun way to spend the holiday, Cyn. Wonder if she realizes that her nerves are about on par with yours. Oahu would be nicer than New York, but NYC is still the coolest city. Love that place soooo much. Have fun!

Yes, miserable lousy soggy weather out there today. But at least it’s warm. Way better than 25°. No need for heat today. Yay!

Posted by Kate on 11/25  at  03:26 PM