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Eight pounds of incentive

Friday, 6:32 am

Well, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. This morning the lad came steaming into my room holding one of his favorite sweatshirts. He stuck it under my nose and said, “Smell this!” I took a deep whiff and said, “hmm, cat pee.”

That’s one odor that I can’t stand. And it’s rarely a problem around here. If it was, Abbie wouldn’t be living here. Guaranteed. She is well behaved 99.9% of the time. But I also know that a pile of clothes or a wet towel on the floor are really hard for her to resist. That is her weakness. And, currently, the lad has quite a pile of clothes on his bedroom floor. Again.

Up until now Abbie has never bothered the piles of clothes in his room. But, there may be a bit of acting out involved here. I changed her kitty litter this week from clay to shredded cedar. I have a feeling she doesn’t care for the cedar or the general idea of change.

But, I seized on the opportunity to point out that if he’d pick up his clothes, she wouldn’t be tempted. All he has to do is Pick Up His Stuff. We haven’t made a lot of progress in that regard. In a way, I find it kind of amusing that a little 8 pound cat can accomplish, with one short squat, what I haven’t been able to accomplish in years. The fear that she may do it again will have his room cleaned up in no time tonight. That’s a fact. And the fear that she may do it again will linger for a long time. That’s also a fact. Kind of interesting how these things work out.

Posted by Kate on 09/3005 at 06:32 AM

LOL, tehe! What wicked wicked moms we can be. Same thing just happened here this past week!
Tho, the cats here need to go to kitty heaven pretty damn fast. Now Emma has added throwing up on the window sill in the dining room to her bad habits
I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. I now have to feed her very small amounts at a time (I mean stand there and give her a mouthful at a time) or she will eat it to fast and throw up every time. Ya just what I need to do with a half hour of my time twice a day!
my word is really lol.

Posted by justme on 09/30  at  11:27 AM

We’ve been recently experimenting with different litters, so I can certainly relate to cats’ senstitivity to litter changes. We finally settled on a corn-based litter. The cats love it because it’s similar to the clay stuff in feel and diggability, but it’s 100% natural and clumps incredibly well. Since it’s digestible and dust-free, I feel safe knowing that they could even eat it and it won’t harm them like clay litters.

Posted by Kim on 09/30  at  01:06 PM

What’s the brand name, Kim? Or where do you get it? That sounds like a perfect alternative to the clay. Abbie loves to dig and I swear the gravelly sound of the litter is half the experience. I’ve never noticed if any of the clumping litters in the store are corn based. I’ll have to check this weekend.

J—Does Emma have hairballs? Maybe try some of the cat foods formulated for that. Or a teaspoon or two of pineapple juice. Hairballs can really screw up their digestive systems. Then again, if she inhales her food…

I really feel for you! Recreational pooping and peeing would be a fast ticket outta here. I just would not put up with that.

Posted by Kate on 09/30  at  02:01 PM

I don’t suppose just keeping the lad’s bedroom door closed would be a solution.

Posted by pablo on 09/30  at  06:52 PM

Shhhh! Don’t even suggest it, Pablo. Clean up the piles of clothes and little kitty has no temptation. What an elegantly simple solution.

It should be noted, at this hour, that there are no piles of *anything* on his floor. I’m smiling a little smugly....

Posted by Kate on 09/30  at  08:42 PM

I hope some day we get to meet. You sound like such a clever person!

Posted by pablo on 10/01  at  03:40 AM

unfortunately it’s the latter....... she is just a pig lol.

Posted by justme on 10/01  at  09:24 AM

Pablo, not so much clever as more than willing to capitalize on a great opportunity when it’s handed to me. wink

And you know, someday it might be rather pleasant to dabble my toes in Lake Marguerite.

Posted by Kate on 10/01  at  05:15 PM