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Easing the hell in a handbasket syndrome

Sunday, 1:46 pm

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been very involved with my new little birdie. I finally named him...his name is Dobby. It just popped out of my mouth one afternoon and it seemed to fit. Moreover, he perks up whenever he hears it.

Dobby has been my constant companion since the first moment he came home. And I mean constant—24 hours a day, wherever I go. The reason? He needs to learn that I am, for the moment, his entire world so that he can learn to trust me unreservedly. He’s still shy, but he’s focused.

Yesterday, I let him out of his cage, for the first time, to fly around. I was a little nervous, not knowing if getting him back into his cage would require extreme cunning and a towel over his head. That’s not a good way to build trust in a bird, but sometimes one does what one has to do to protect the bird. Sometimes it’s a case of taking two steps forward and one step backwards when training a bird.

Happily, he remembered his lessons and when it was time for him to go back into his little house, he readily came to perch on my finger and allowed me to usher him through his front door and place him back on his favorite perch. I was very pleased. And relieved. He’s making remarkable progress for your basic bin-o-budgies pet store bird.

In a world that seems to be going to hell in a handbasket far faster than anything I’ve ever seen, the simple distraction and loyalty of a little bird is a very welcome thing. I suppose it sounds a bit trite to say that I’d wish such a simple distraction and pleasure for the young people across the seas who can’t come home and who have much more to think about each day. I was thinking about that today and I guess it does sound a bit trite. And yet, in the whole world, there probably isn’t anything more honest and uncomplicated and loyal than an animal. If one has the sensibility to accept that loyalty and trust, an animal goes a long way toward easing the chaos that mankind creates for itself. They are a balm in a troubled world.

Posted by Kate on 05/2508 at 01:46 PM

Dobby!!!  A perfect name, he was hrry Potters house elf!  So cute.  You are so right about animals, they can give you such joy and peace and a focus to keep you distracted from what sad or engative things are happening. I don’t know if you read the story of Daisy.

Posted by annie on 05/25  at  07:30 PM

You absolutely MUST read this book:

Providence of a Sparrow by Christ Chester.

Posted by Brian on 05/25  at  07:50 PM

(whoops, that’s CHRIS Chester)

Posted by Brian on 05/25  at  07:51 PM

We have a cockatiel that absolutely loves me. He will sit on my shoulder for hours at a time and cackle in my ear. The feeling isn’t all the mutual. I don’t object to him so much, but the dander of a much-of-the-time free flying bird is not something I like.

In contrast, our Sheltie dog, Max, is all for himself. None of this loyalty and unconditional love business from him. He doesn’t want to be held or talked to. He only comes when he knows there’s a treat in it for him.

Posted by pablo on 05/26  at  11:33 AM

I have a friend who had a bird who was free-flying in the house and the enclosed porch. He had little special roosts throughout the house and he had a perch with a little litter pan under it. He learned to go to that perch to do his business, so was house trained.

When my friend slept, the bird curled up near his ear and slept with him. My friend was truly devastated when the bird died of old age; he has not been able to get another pet since.

Posted by Margaret Greentree on 05/26  at  01:16 PM

Yep, Annie, Dobby is my little house elf now. I was so surprised when the name leaped out of my mouth. Harry Potter was not even on my conscious radar. Dobby fits, though, and we both like it. He recognizes his name now. And yes, I have read about Daisy. They’re very tuned in to their humans, aren’t they? They get us through the hard times rather better than we even realize sometimes. I can’t even imagine not having that support network behind me. They just know when and how much we need. And, otherwise, they’re just fun to have fun with. smile

Thanks, Brian. I ordered the book last night (my library system doesn’t have it!!). It sounds absolutely delightful. Looks as if everyone who has read it thinks it’s pretty special. I can’t wait to get it!

Pablo, I didn’t know you had a cockatiel. Neat! If he’s sitting on your shoulder for hours and chattering at you, sounds like he is quite fond of you and trusts you. I think you must have had to work at that a little bit to earn it. And Max? I dunno...I’ve seen pictures. Those adoring eyes looking at you? Heh, he thinks you’re all that and more.

Margaret, what a nice story. Sleeping with his owner? That’s a pretty special bond. I’ve also heard of other people potty training their larger birds. That’s amazing. I can understand why your friend was so devastated. Maybe he’ll feel ready to adopt another pet at some point. I hope he can someday, but I imagine it’s hard for him to believe that anything could be that good again. These critters really do thoroughly and firmly weave themselves into our hearts and lives.

Posted by Kate on 05/26  at  02:42 PM

I can’t wait to see him! I am getting there lol. I think I might just try a trip to the store today woo hoo!
Give me a call will ya! If the lad wasn’t home I would be sending someone to check on you by now! He is home, right?

Posted by justme on 05/28  at  06:28 AM

Hmm.  Remembering my Potter, one hopes that Dobby won’t (with Hermione’s help) begin setting work rules. wink

Posted by Linkmeister on 05/28  at  04:32 PM

Sweet story.  I once had a budgie that my kids saved up for secretly and brought home one day from Woolworths in a cardboard box. 

Of course I was the one who took care of him for almost 20 years and my kids were grown and gone when I found him dead on the floor of his cage one morning.

I cried like a baby; not for my lost youth but for theirs.  It still hurts.

Posted by Capt. Fogg on 05/29  at  05:07 PM

Where are you?  I have checked back every couple days and nothing, no Kate, no nothing??  Hope all is OK with you and yours in your little corner of the world!!  2nd day of sun (and clouds and wind), but still sun in a row, not sure I can stand it!!

Posted by cyn on 06/02  at  11:07 AM