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Dreams indeed

Wednesday, 7:04 pm

I’m sure nearly everyone connected to the outside world has heard of this by today, if not seen the video. That whole Susan Boyle and Britain’s Got Talent thing. It’s a British television program similar to our American Idol and even has dear Simon sitting in judgement there, too. Anyway. this has been on the news here at least a couple of times today and I finally settled in to watch Susan Boyle’s performance to see what all the fuss was about.

Well. Here is the video. It’s priceless. It’s really special, I think. I’m not one to usually go all mushy over these sorts of things, but this one kind of chokes me up. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that she sings one of my all time favorite songs from Les Miserables and sends it sailing out of the auditorium on iridescent beams. No, that didn’t hurt at all.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video. It’ll make your day if you haven’t seen it before. If you have, well, you’ve also probably watched it about 30 times today, too. There is something so appealing about this woman. And apparently she is the real deal who pulled that song from the very depths of her heart. I hope to hear more of her voice if it’s as consistently fabulous as her debut suggests. She gave me chills.

Posted by Kate on 04/1509 at 07:04 PM

Isn’t she amazing! I have seen the video, several times now lol. She brought tears to my eyes too! What a voice. How she has not been discovered by someone just baffles me.

Posted by justme on 04/16  at  05:54 AM

I had the same reaction.  Had me in tears.  I’ll bet she got her first kiss before the night was through.  It was wonderful to watch.

Posted by Lorinda on 04/16  at  11:07 AM

She sang that beautifully (I saw it yesterday), and it was a treat to watch those judges.  It was pretty clear they had her designated as a victim-in-waiting (at least to my eyes), and they really got a deserved comeuppance.

Posted by Linkmeister on 04/17  at  02:00 AM

She did sing it beautifully. She has a voice. Possibly the only real difference between Susan Boyle and Elaine Paige is 20 years of experience and a voice coach. I imagine that this has been great for the show’s ratings, so the judges probably aren’t too chagrined by it all. But I surely do hope that Susan Boyle gets something really good out of this, including a very comfortable retirement someday. She’s earned a bit of spotlight, it seems to me.

Posted by Kate on 04/17  at  02:54 PM

I saw the video and was amazed just like everyone else. I also dug up a recording she did in 1999 of Cry Me a River and that was soulful and well done too.

Maybe I’m the only one in the world who thinks this, but it all seems too perfect. What a Cinderella story! Something nags at me, saying this is a hoax or that she is a plant to boost rating. Her set up before the performance lead everyone in the wrong direction. Her dowdy appearance. Her funny speaking voice. Her apparent innocence. And then she belts out that performance. How could someone with that much talent have been overlooked for so long? How is it that she was recruited to record for a charity performance a decade ago. Her talent must have been recognized then, so why did she go into hiding?

I think there’s more to be learned about this story.

Posted by Pablo on 04/19  at  06:20 AM

ooooh Pablo, so cynical!!  And yet, you could be right.  But if it was a setup, I honestly do not think the judges, Simon, in particular, had a clue.  There is no way he could fake his reaction that well, cause he too, is a such a cynic. 

It will be interesting to follow her story, that is for sure.  And one a makeup artist and someone with a fashion sense gets a hold of her, she will be off and running........from the men.  LOL

Posted by cyn on 04/19  at  07:48 AM

There’s that little part of me that wonders, too. I seriously hope this wasn’t a set-up. That would be plumbing the inky depths of where the public would draw the line. I kind of think that if they did that, it would ruin their whole cash-cow premise of finding raw undiscovered talent that “the people” could believe in and feel as if they own a stake in it. On the other hand, maybe Susan Boyle is crazy as a bedbug and no one discovered it until she’d made a splash. Or she may be completely on the up and up. It would be so awful if the cynical view turned out to be the accurate one.

Posted by Kate on 04/19  at  02:09 PM