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Contours would help

Saturday, 11:45 am

I’ve often wondered about the boys who wear their pants so loosely that they ride around the middle of their butts. It is apparently an unwritten rule that this style of attire requires boxer shorts underneath. I applaud that choice, at least.

What I’ve often wondered, in particular, is if these boys ever lose their pants. As they ever fall off? It seems to me that having a rear end would help keep the pants up, but a good many of the boys are built like boards and have no discernible contours behind on which the pants might rest.

I had to go up to the school this afternoon to pick the lad up from his second go-round with the SATs. When the test let out, a stream of young lads cruised past my car with pants at varying stages of falling-offishness. One of the built-like-a-board boys kept grabbing his waist band to hitch his pants up, every three steps.

And then it happened. He missed a step. His pants fell to his knees.

And, you know, it didn’t even phase him. He hauled ‘em up and kept on going. His body language said it was no big deal. Not a problem. A guy does what a guy has to do.

Well, at least now I know.

Posted by Kate on 06/0405 at 11:45 AM

I think that they should NOT be aloud to wear them like that in school. If the girls can’t wear spaghetti straps then the boys should not be able to have their arses hanging out. Oldest daughter told me that most of the girls think it is a dumb arse look anyway lol. In CA it is not tolerated, not one bit. In the county I lived in anyway. Dang what the heck will our kids be complaining about when their kids are in high school? And my opinion is not cause I am getting old lol. I was a child of the 80’s and I dressed one way in school and if I went to a dance club I dress all Madonna- ish. As one did back then lol.

Posted by Jennifer AKA Me on 06/06  at  07:55 AM

The ‘style’ must be spreading. When I was at the grocery store a few days ago, one of the boys stocking the dairy section had his pants hanging off his backside, too. That did surprise me.

When our kids have kids in high school? I’m having a hard time thinking what else might be left to do. Scratch that. Young minds are very creative.

Posted by Kate on 06/06  at  01:54 PM

Not so bad with the boys, but the girls… sheesh.  At least the boys are wearing boxers underneath.  I’ve seen girls with thongs, g-strings, or nothing at all.  And these are high schoolers, or even older.

‘Plumber Crack’ is not attractive on ANYONE.

Posted by Dave on 06/07  at  10:57 AM

I must lead a charmed life. I’ve never hired a plumber who displayed Plumbers Crack. Electricians now...that’s a different story.

Posted by Kate on 06/07  at  02:59 PM