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Monday, 11:00 am

If you’re seeing women dressed a bit more revealingly Monday, it could be they’re taking part in the BoobQuake WRTV-TV in Indianapolis reported.

The station said it started with a Purdue University student’s attempt to poke fun at an Iranian cleric’s contention that promiscuity and immodesty is responsible for earthquakes. It mushroomed into a cause that went viral, taken on by thousands of women.

Posted by Cyn on 04/2610 at 11:00 AM

I read about that yesterday and laughed a good long while. It seems to have just about everyone all in a dither, not the least of whom are some feminists who think boobquake is a huge step backward for women. I think a sense of humor might be beneficial here, but what do I know? I hope California doesn’t choose now to have the big one.

Posted by Kate on 04/26  at  05:03 PM

HA! I am off to line dancing right now, decided to wear a V-neck blouse. hope all my friends do their part, too!!  So if earthquakes hit here overnight will be my fault.  ;)

Posted by cyn on 04/26  at  05:38 PM

well we all did our part and we are still here, so what does that mean??  LOL

Posted by Cyn on 04/28  at  09:59 PM