Cider Press Hill

One Hundred Things

1. I live in New England (northeastern US), close the coast.

2. Nevermind.

3. I am terrified of heights. Six feet off the ground is very high.

4. My son is the best thing to have happened in my life. He's almost grown up now. We're very close.

5. I was married for a long time, but now I'm not.

6. I am a Moleskine addict.

7. Growing up, I was a ballerina. Studied for 12 years and wanted to be a professional. I was deemed too short. Tall and willowy I am not.

8. I also studied piano for 12 years. In high school I was the substitute church organist.

9. I can't decide whether I like cats or dogs better, so I have both. I'm down to one cat and two budgies now. Sometime in the not too distant future there *will* be another dog in my house. Just a cute little mutt. I now have one cat, two budgies and a cute little mutt (half Corgi and half Chihuahua. Wrap your imagination around that one. :) )

10. My favorite colors change often, though I am consistently drawn to a black, red, and white combination. I like the drama. You can't find that combo in my house, though. Don't know why.

11. You can call me Kate.

12. As much as I gripe about snow, I'd have a difficult time leaving it behind.

13. I have lived in two states - Massachusetts and New York -- and have only visited 26 other states.

14. I've never traveled to another country aside from Mexico and Canada and the BVI.

15. I want to travel to England, Ireland, Wales, Greece, and Australia. Maybe China and Russia, too. But I probably won't. At least not in the near future.

16. I like to garden. Herbs are my favorites.

17. I have two best friends.

18. I have one brother and no sisters.

19. My parents passed away a few years ago.

20. I really am a good cook, but it's not my favorite thing to do.

21. I graduated from college ten years after most everyone else my age. It was an afterthought. But a good one.

22. I worked almost full time while I carried a full course load. That paid for the rent and groceries. I had a full scholarship for tuition and books.

23. I have a hot temper, but I learned to control it very well.

24. My son taught me how to say "I'm sorry". I have said it many times.

25. I have been a banker, student, production assistant at a publishing house, editor, free-lance writer, Mom, and a substitute teacher.

26. If I'm tired, I can sleep anywhere, anytime. Nothing can prevent it.

27. I am not a morning person.

28. I wrote a poem once about the woman who would claim my ex-husband before we were even officially 'having a problem'. I didn't know her or the unusual spelling of her name, but I got it right in the poem. They met two years after we were separated. That freaked me right out.

29. I have never broken a bone. I guess 4 ribs count.

30. I have fallen out of a tree.

31. I have always kept a journal.

32. I began online journaling/blogging in 1997. It is very different from my paper journal.

33. I made my first web site in 1995. It was awful, but I was proud of it.

34. I can't remember life before the internet.

35. I would never want to return to pre-internet life.

36. My parents were married for 61 years and remained best friends until the day my mother died. They were always holding hands.

37. I've always wanted to live in a lighthouse.

38. If my house was burning and I could only take one thing out, it would be my computer. It has all my pictures on it.

39. I've never been arrested, but I was caught soaping my rival school's windows (in 8th grade) and was forced to wash the windows while my parents and aunt and uncle watched in the cop car's headlights. I had to wash off bad words that I didn't write. I didn't think my mother would ever get over it or that I'd ever be un-grounded.

40. My parents died about 4 years apart, my mother of bone cancer and my father of ALS. Both are terrible, terrible ways to die. I strongly support stem cell research.

41. I still miss them. More as time passes, really.

42. I have a scar on my face where a little neighbor girl deliberately scratched my cheek to see if it would bleed, while I was in my baby carriage. Her curiosity was satisfied. I bled. My mother wasn't angry, just shocked.

43. I also have a small scar on my stomach where a little girl bit me. I was babysitting her at the time. I wasn't angry, just shocked.

44. I don't know what my blood type is.

45. I used to be an evangelical Christian. Now I'm not.

46. I still love visiting old churches.

47. I am a coffee addict. I So love my coffee.

48. I have decided that I need to move back to a rural landscape where there's real dirt. I'm working on it. I'd really like to own some dirt, but can't seem to quit the ocean.

49. I have been in love three times. Head over heels, deeply in love.

50. I cry easily at the movies. I sobbed in the theater after Titanic and I was very embarrassed.

51. I get lost going to just about anyplace because I get distracted and end up miles away from where I wanted to go.

52. When I was 11, I exhausted the supply of books in the library's children's section. My mother told the librarian to let me loose in the grown-up sections. My first grown-up books were by Colette and Virginia Woolf.

53. Sometimes I sleep with a stuffed rabbit.

54. I wear glasses to read.

55. I like to fish and I'm good at it. But it has been a while.

56. I really, really don't like being around sarcastic and mean people.

57. I am biased against wealthy people because I have known too many who are absolute snobs who equate wealth with virtue. It's an unfair bias.

58. I don't currently have a cell phone and don't really need one. All good things must come to an end. I now have a cell phone.

59. I like chocolate anything. Dark chocolate, especially.

60. I'm afraid of dark water. You probably wouldn't find me swimming in a lake.

61. My great grandmother was American Indian. She died at age 19 of diabetes complications, when my grandmother was less than one year old. My grandmother's aunt and uncle adopted her.

62. My son loves to listen to my stories. He may be the only one who does. ;)

63. I love, love, love New York City. I don't want to live there, but I love to visit.

64. My ears are pierced. Twice each. No tattoos.

65. My father and I graduated from the same high school.

66. I collect fountain pens and bottles of ink.

67. I didn't used to be political. I am now. I didn't used to be a liberal. I am now.

68. I am glad that George W. Bush is now just a lousy memory.

69. I have been robbed at gun point during lunch break in the park. He didn't get very much. I was probably poorer than he was.

70. When I was 27 a strange man walked into my apartment and looked around. I hid in my closet. He left without looking in my closet.

71. I borrowed my son's name from a Confirmation list in a church bulletin that I typeset.

72. When the delivering doctor asked what his name was, it's a good thing I spoke first or his name would have been Nigel.

73. I hope there are no such things as UFOs. If I saw one I'd drop dead on the spot.

74. I once had a pet rat. He had a cranky streak and bit the end of my finger one day. I fainted. I had never fainted before nor have I since.

75. I had several miscarriages. My son is my miracle child.

76. Once I had a pen pal from Wales. We corresponded via snail mail for several years. Then she came to visit with me for three weeks. We had a blast. She was 20 years older than I.

77. I had a secret boyfriend in 6th grade. He gave me a friendship ring. I told my mother I found it. She made me turn it in to the school's lost and found. Neither of us ever saw the ring again. His mother was furious when she found out -- he' from her.

78. I iron my dish towels. I enjoy it. I now use microfiber cloths exclusively and they don't need ironing. Saves electricity. ;)

79. I replaced all the incandescent bulbs in my house with compact fluorescent ones. My monthly electric bill dropped by a lot.

80. Over the past couple of years, I've whittled away at my electric use until now I'm usually averaging about 1.5 kilowatt hours of electricity per day.

81. I would make a pretty good recluse.

82. I have a recurring dream about drowning in dark water.

83. I am really easy to talk with.

84. Strangers tell me the most amazing things about themselves.

85. I don't support the death penalty. The worst punishment I can imagine is being confined for one's entire life without personal freedom.

86. I had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.

87. I graduated Cum Laude from university. I was 2/100 of a point short of Magna cum Laude. I wuz robbed.

88. I cared for foster children for a couple of years. Giving them back was the hardest thing in the world. The last one broke my heart so I stopped taking them in.

89. My hair is as straight as a string. Nothing, I mean nothing, can make it curly for more than three minutes. Nothing!

90. I did not inherit my mother's beautiful hands. I inherited my father's strong ones.

91. One of my eyes has a brown pie-shaped wedge. It was the closest I could get to brown eyes.

92. I used to be scared of thunderstorms and spiders. I'm not anymore.

93. I have lived with a ghostie in an old house my ex and I owned. I never saw him, but he constantly played with the lights and water faucets and the alarm system. He and our young son carried on fabulous conversations. Some people (most people) scoff at the idea of ghosts. can sane, rational people believe in ghosts. I never actually had a firm position about whether I *believed* in ghosts. It wasn't something I thought much about. But, when one lives with you, it doesn't seem to matter whether you *believe* in them or not. They don't seem to care what you believe. It's a learning experience.

94. I don't like going to the beach in the summer. It's more interesting in the autumn and winter.

95. I was a tomboy and pretty much still am.

96. I don't have a middle name.

97. My favorite snack food during TV movies is a big bowl of home made mashed potatoes. Except I don't think of it soon enough before settling down to watch, so I settle for instant taters. Which are okay with enough gravy.

98. I slept through an earthquake that woke everyone else in the neighborhood.

99. I am ambidextrous.

100. I would die without music. Especially Bach.