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Well, doesn't this just put the frosting on the cake....

According to the Minnesota Planetarium Society, here is where the real signs of the Zodiac should fall.  Get ready for your world to change forever!! I wonder what Nancy Reagan will have to say about this!!

Let’s see, a few days ago I thought my birth sign was Sagittarius (Nov. 24) as was my husband (Dec. 14) - trust me, I did not think that through very well some 40 years ago.  LOL Our sons were both Capricorns (Dec. 22 and Dec. 27).  Now I am a Scorpio - SCORPIO?  You have got to be kidding.  Joe is something I cannot pronounce and sounds dirty, but isn’t.  It means something like snake slayer which could not be further from the truth and our sons are now under the sign of Sagittarius.  Go figure!!

Whether you go along with it or not remains to be seen but it will make for some interesting conversations for the next few days or weeks and that is always good!  As for me, I read my horoscope a few times a week in several different places, choose the one I like best or none of them if they all are uninteresting.  So I guess you could say I am not really terribly sincere about it all.

Posted by Cyn on 01/14/11 at 11:58 AM



Let me just say...I Am Not A Capricorn! I flatly refuse to be a Capricorn.

Posted by Kate on 01/14  at  05:43 PM

You are so not a Capricorn Kate!
Cyn, it would make me fall under that snake slayer thing lol. I think maybe I would much rather be a Scorpio than that!

Posted by justme on 01/17  at  07:31 AM

Yeah, they moved me too. 

I’ve always felt that Libra was a good fit for me, not that that stuff has any meaning whatsoever.  Apparently, though, I’m actually a Virgo.  No idea what they’re supposed to be like.

Posted by N in Seattle on 01/19  at  06:52 PM

I am putting this comment under this post because the title fits!
I received a email yesterday from B&N saying that the Nook Color is out of stock and they need a 30 day extension. I am so very sad. Very disappointed.  I have held off for a few years to get one of these damn things and now I have to wait a month and a half to get it? Piss me right the F**K off!
It took me ten minutes to decide if I should click on the confirm if you accept the thirty day delay button and not cancel and go over to Amazon and get the Kindle. I am still not sure that I made the right decision to wait it out. I did however send them a email telling them how disappointed I am. That if it was the holidays, not a month later, that I could understand. It made me feel a bit better anyway. Of course I haven’t heard anything from them except a email saying that they confirmed my thirty day delay! I would feel a lot better if they sent me a gift card for my first book purchase on the Nook! Sigh.

Hahaha my capcha word is Ophelia. How fitting LOL.

Posted by justme on 01/21  at  06:50 AM

Justme. yes, this definitely qualifies as putting the frosting on the cake!!  Do a google search and see who else might have it, lots of places sell them (and the Kindle) now not exclusive to B&N.  What is the difference between the regular Nook (that I have) and the Nook Color?  Is it such a difference it is worth waiting an extra month?  Tell them you want the regular one and then the ability to trade it in for the Color when it is available for just the difference in price????? 

OK, just did a quick search and Walmart sells it, Amazon does and then I look online, you might find it and get it in a day or two.  OR if this freaking snow ever stops you can run out and buy it!!

If you lived here, I would share mine with you!!

Posted by Cyn on 01/21  at  09:16 AM

I wish I had known that they sold them in the stores before I ordered it online or it would be sitting in my hand right now! I most certainly did not think that Walmart sold them lol. Just got off the phone with the Salem store and they have plenty as of right now. Now, if I could just get there! So I guess I will have to wait until at least tomorrow and hope they still have some, and a ride to go get it! Sigh.
Thanks I wish I was there with you to enjoy yours with you! (I live even closer to you than Kate lol)
Keep those fingers crossed for me tomorrow!!

Posted by justme on 01/21  at  10:09 AM

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