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Stupid is stupid

OK, you read thisFreshman GOPer did not knowpartly cloudyand draw your own conclusions.  I find it scary, not surprising, but scary.  When I first read this, my thought was, “and these people breed AND vote.” That thought was closely followed by “wait, not only does she VOTE, but other people voted for her.”

If you ever wonder how Sharon Engel, Michelle Bachmann, that dipshit from Maryland(??), cannot think now of where she is from, the one who professed to be a witch--oh and wait, I have another article about witches to post here for your reading pleasure--ever got elected, wonder no more.  People are ignorant and uninformed (or just plain don’t care) and becoming more so by the minute. 

But this one, this one has me shaking my head.  Apparently she lives in a cave and only comes out (like the groundhog) to make a speech and then goes back inside again.



PS I LOVE the snowpacalypse button.  Can’t wait to use it.  Oh maybe I shouldn’t say that!! ;)

Posted by Cyn on 02/05/11 at 12:23 PM



There seems to be no end to the stupid out there. With regard to Michelle Bachmann, we have stupid and malicious and nuts all rolled into one package. She tops the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Patriot Movement/Militia enablers. Of course, Glenn Beck is second. Big surprise there. Sarah Palin didn’t make the list. She’s apparently less dangerous than screechingly ignorant.

And, incidentally, doesn’t the fourth enabler on the list look an awful lot like the adult version of Eddie Munster?

Posted by Kate on 02/09  at  09:52 PM

Oh, back to health insurance...there was an interview on NPR this afternoon, with a freshman Republican who, holding himself to his ethics, bought into a private health insurance plan rather than take a contribution of public monies to subsidize his health insurance through his workplace (House of Reps). For his family, he’s shelling out about $1300 a month. Of course, his income is somewhere in the neighborhood (a little over, I believe) of $175,000 per year. 

Am I correct in my assumption that all federal employees participating in an employee health insurance program are being partially subsidized by their American taxpayer? I am curious what this freshman representative would tell a federal file clerk, making around $32,000, to do for her two dependent children and herself.

Posted by Kate on 02/09  at  10:06 PM

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